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Major Evangelical Leaders Are Worshiping One Gay Activist As God While He Makes Them Desecrate The Bible, And One Young Christian Is Fighting Them

By Walid Shoebat So how far will the Evangelical movement in the United States go to please the LGBT agenda? When posted this video calling for a death penalty on four homosexual wrestlers who raped two boys it upset one blaspheming homosexual and Right Wing Watch. These in turn taunt anti-gay activists within the Evangelical movement who quickly line up […]

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ETHNIC CLEANSING IRAQ: Iranian-backed Muslim militia seizing Christian churches and homes in Baghdad

By BI: You can thank Barack Hussein Obama for this which started right after he pulled all American troops out of Iraq. Yet he has refused to allow into America more than a handful of Iraqi Christian refugees who seek asylum here, even kicking 12 of them out of the country after they had joined […]

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UK: Somali Muslim never-employed freeloaders kicked out of their £2 million ($2.8 million) luxury council house…

By BI: …and forced to move into a  £1.3 million ($1.8 million) luxury council house around the corner. All paid for by hardworking British taxpayers. UK Daily Mail  A family of Somali Muslim refugees who sparked a row over council housing when they were given a £2million taxpayer-funded mansion have been moved out – into a […]

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‘Politically incorrect’ Saudi-born Arab Muslim woman cries: “Stop Lying! The West is not to blame for all the problems in the Muslim world”

By BI: She also says Muslims have been killing and mistreating their own people for 1,400 years…1,200 years before there even was an America to blame. FYI: She no longer resides in Saudi Arabia, for obvious reasons.

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GERMANY: It isn’t “multiculturalism” that is precipitating the downfall of Europe, it is “muslimculturalism”

By BI: Angela Merkel doesn’t care that German children are being brutally assaulted and gang-raped in the streets of Munich and Cologne, and even Berlin. She is winning accolades and international awards for her disastrous policies that have created the tidal wave of Muslim thugs and rapists into Europe.

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Did you know that it is the United Nations that determines who is a refugee and which refugees should be sent to America?

By BI: The largest bloc in the UN is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and they basically run the UN. That is why America is besieged with millions of Muslim refugees, while only a handful of persecuted Christians can ever hope to get in. Even worse, one of the largest collaborators in bringing in Muslim […]

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