AMSTERDAM: Muslims shout: “You Dirty Jews …You are not entitled to wear it (your jewelry) any more…You had it long enough…Now it is ours”

By BI: Posing as policemen, Arab Muslim males brutally attacked an elderly couple (both Holocaust survivors in their 80’s) in their own home, tied them up, stole jewelry and other valuables.

Diana Blog and her husband of 56 years Shmuel

Diana Blog and her husband of 56 years Shmuel

UK Express  Because the injuries suffered by the couple were so serious, they had to move out of their apartment and into a nursing home. This happened in August 2015, but the perpetrators are still at large. Perhaps no one was looking for them?

The brutal assault of Diana Blog and her husband of 56 years Shmuel left him, 87, blind and with a broken thigh bone while his 86-year-old wife has been left with “extreme pains.”


Two Muslim attackers dressed in black knocked loudly on the couple’s door, claiming to be police officers. But when an unassuming Shmiel opened the door the depraved brutes reportedly charged in with guns pointed at the pair.

They allegedly hit and kicked the distressed couple as they demanded they hand over their jewelry and other valuables – eventually tying them up and ripping Diana’s jewelry off her body. “They wanted to chop off my finger because the rings didn’t come off fast enough.”