Muslims demand Nebraska bank change its security policies to accommodate Muslim supremacists’ religious demands

By BI: The no head-covering rule is not only in place for Muslims, it applies to anyone wearing headgear that could contain a gun or explosive device.


MW News The incident took place at Security National Bank in Omaha when a woman, believed to be Diana Renteria, approached the doors while wearing a head scarf. Unfortunately for her, she was denied entry into the building on account of security protocols as explained in a Facebook post on the matter.

Ms. Renteria refused the request to remove the garments that were obstructing her identity, and when she took a moment to call her husband in the breezeway near the entrance, bank employees reportedly locked the doors. In the end, the Muslim woman removed her headbag – but it was already too late, as staff refused to let her in the bank.

Ironically, there is a bit of back story here. That same bank was just robbed during previous months by people wearing clothing that concealed their identity. Since then, the branch’s security measures have been revamped and now strictly outline that customers can’t enter while wearing something on their head or face that prevents surveillance cameras from getting a good look at them.