UK welcomes thousands of Muslim illegals, refuses to deport terrorists, but orders sickly, half blind, 92-year-old white woman to be deported back to South Africa

By BI: The frail old woman came to Britain from South Africa on a tourist visa to be cared for by her daughter, who mistakenly thought she could change her mother’s visa status after she arrived. But after her visa ran out, she became an illegal alien who must be deported by next week, according to immigration authorities.


UK Express  Over 54,000 people have signed a petition for Myrtle who was born under the British flag in 1924 and whose father fought for Britain in WW1, to be allowed to stay in the UK.

92-year-old widow Myrtle Cothill, unable to care for herself, has been ordered by the Home Office to turn up at Heathrow next week to catch a flight to South Africa, where she has no relatives and no one to care for her. “If she doesn’t go to the airport on Tuesday, they will probably come here and remove her and take her to detention center.

That will be signing her death certificate,” said her 66-year-old British daughter Mary Wills, with whom Myrtle has been living in Dorset since her arrival in Britain. Neither Mary, nor her 61-year-old British husband David, who suffers from Parkinson’s, can move to South Africa to look after Myrtle as they have no right to live in the country.

Myrtle Cothill, 92, (left) with her daughter Mary Wills at Wills’ UK home

Myrtle Cothill, 92, (left) with her daughter Mary Wills at Wills’ UK home

“This old lady has nobody to go back to in South Africa and needs someone to look after her. The Home Office is standing by the letter of the law, rather than its spirit. “She is now being hounded and threatened with deportation. She is living in a state of fear and it’s simply heartless and cruel.

“Terrorists stay here because they claim a right to a family life. On every possible ground this lady should stay but she faces removal because there’s simply a culture of easy targets.”  Mrs Cothill was brought here by her British family last year on a six-month visitor visa. But her health rapidly deteriorated so they decided to apply for her to stay permanently.

The treatment of the frail grandmother comes as thousands of Muslim illegal alien asylum seekers remain in the UK at taxpayers expense while they wait for a decision on their futures.