First It Was Ted Cruz, Then President Trump, Now Third Republican Candidate Caught Not Just Watching, But MAKING Pornographic Videos And Attacking The Producer

The degeneracy of the left wing and Democrat party is well-known and manifestly visible to all who see. However, as noted, the Republican party is no less suceptible to the same tendencies, albeit at a more drawn out rate to give the impression there is less when it is not so. Just as if the Democrat party is “socialism” and “degeneracy,” the Republican party is “socialism-lite” and “degeneracy-lite”.

In true form to this example, there has been another sex scandal in the GOP. If there was the scandal involving Trump and “adult actress” Stephanie “Stormy Daniels” Clifford, then Ted Cruz and infamous tweet on his account, now days before the elections, New Hampshire GOP Representative Frank Sapareto has been exposed as while in office not only starring in porn films, but being the center of a lawsuit after he attacked the porn film director recently while on set according to a report:

A California adult filmmaker is suing a New Hampshire lawmaker for allegedly assaulting him during a pornographic movie shoot.

State Rep. Frank Sapareto has dismissed the lawsuit, calling it extortion.

“This is a political hit job,” Sapareto said. “This is election season right now, and right now, that’s what you do, is you accuse someone.”

In the lawsuit, filmmaker Jonathan Carter says he formed a company with Sapareto to produce adult movies and claims Sapareto wanted to star in the first film.

Carter’s attorney, Eric Dubin, said he has screen shots of Sapareto on camera, with a woman.

“I have seven hours of video footage of Mr. Sapareto filming adult scenes,” he said.

The attorney added, “We’re seeking both damages for the assault as well as punitive damages for the intense conduct of assaulting Mr. Carter.”

Sapareto said it’s all a scam, and he got into business with Carter thinking he did tourism.

“I haven’t seen any of these things,” he said. “Again, he’s a master of this, it’s what he does for a living. And that’s what he told me: If I didn’t give him the money, he was going to destroy my political career.”

The civil suit says Sapareto became upset during filming, and the next day he went to Carter’s house and assaulted him.

Sapareto also denied that.

“The police checked into all of that and found it was all untrue. All of this,” he said. “But since he knew I had a previous issue, that he figured he would capitalize on that. This is a political hit job just before the election, and I’m already going to file extortion charges against him.”

The accusation comes as Sapareto is running for re-election in his district. (source)

Thirty years ago, this would have been a notable scandal. But in 2018, it is just another day in the life of American politics.

If things have progressed so far at to this point and are hardly viewed with shock, surprise, or disgust any more, what will the next thirty years look like?

Indeed, consider that 30 years ago, the concept of support of homosexuality was very foreign. Now, if one does not support “marriage” between sodomites, one is instantly a social minority for the whole population  (63% support) and a superminority for Millennials and GenZ (75%+ support for both), let alone the act itself.

This is not a mere “social decline.” This is an absolute collapse in a period of about a century.

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