American Backed Islamic Terrorist Web Hackers Exposed As A Den Of Sodomite Perverts

One of the curious aspects of Islam is her long-documented theological support of homosexuality. Islam openly supports homosexuality, and Mohammed himself was shown to have homosexual tendencies and engage in behavior common to homosexuals. Even as recently as today, Islamic terrorists such as ISIS engage in ritual sodomy with new terrorist recruits.

In what is not a surprise, a recent story has revealed that Islamic terrorist hackers are nothing more than a den of homosexuals, continually taking photos of their own genitalia and sharing it with each other as well as possessing large amount of homosexual photos and videos according to a report:

Islamist hackers are obsessed with gay pornography and share images of their own penises with fellow cyber-jihadis during bizarre initiation rites, a tech expert has claimed.

A top security analyst has spoken out to reveal the surprising ‘primary motivations’ of cyber-jihadis who wage digital war against the West.

Robert Graham, a consultant at Errata Security, made the revelation in a research note exploring why we have not been hit by a ‘cyber 9/11’ in the 15 years since the World Trade Towers were brought down by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

He denied digital terrorism was a genuine risk to the West and slammed ‘fearmongering experts’ who issue apocalyptic warnings because they have an ‘incentive to make people be afraid, and little incentive to tell the truth’.

But during his broadside against sensationalised statements from national security experts, the Errata cyber sleuth said many Islamist hackers learn their skills in a bid to get around the censorship imposed by their homophobic home states. These sexually frustrated would-be hackers learn their skills on forums hidden on the ‘Islamic dark web’ – but are forced to post images of their genitalia to gain access to these communities. ‘I’ve explored the cyber Islamic dark web and come to a couple conclusions about it,’ Graham wrote. ‘The primary motivation of these hackers is gay porn. ‘A frequent initiation rite to gain access to these forums is to post pictures of your, well, equipment.

‘Such things are repressed in their native countries and societies, so hacking becomes a necessary skill in order to get it.’ You might think that these closeted hackers would support the West due to its liberal, enlightened stance on gay rights and marriage. Yet the opposite is true. ‘It’s hard for us to understand their motivations,’ the analysts continued. ‘From our western perspective, we’d think gay young men would be on our side, motivated to fight against their own governments in defence of gay rights, in order to achieve marriage equality.

‘None of them want that. ‘Their goal is to get married and have children. Sure, they want gay sex and intimate relationships with men, but they also want a subservient wife who manages the household, and the deep family ties that come with spawning progeny. ‘Thus, their motivation is still to defend the umma (the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion) against the West, not pursue personal rights.’ Last year, the hacktivist group Anonymous bombarded Islamic State with gay porn, prompting the jihadis to issue death threats. (source)

Now as it has been well-documented, ISIS is an extension of US foreign policy and that of her allies as part of a larger anti-Russian agenda being played in the Middle East.

Indeed, this is a literal case of homosexual Islamic terrorists backed by the American government, and scarcely a word about it is mentioned.

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