The National Socialists Were Filled With Sodomites, Many Used To Dress Up In Women’s Underwear And Take Photos Of Themselves

It is a well-established but seldom discussed historical fact that there was a tremendous amount of overlap between the National Socialists and homosexuality, just as the same applies to the relationship between National Socialism and the worst forms of occultism. This has been discussed here in previous articles (see here and here). There was so much homosexuality among the ranks of the National Socialists that the oft-repeated chant of “SIEG HEIL” at Nazi rallies might be more accurately pronounced as “THEEG HEIL THISTUR”

A recently released book by an artist investigating the history of the LGBT and National Socialism shows photos of German soldiers dressed in women’s clothes and putting on erotic-type shows for each other that were said to provide “relief” for the soldiers, who often went for long period without seeing women or having female companionship:

A series of fascinating photographs showing how German Nazi soldiers would dress up in women’s clothing and put on cross-dressing shows on the front line, has been compiled in a new book.

Artist Martin Dammann had intended to research soldiers’ lives in the Third Reich, and ended up stumbling across a surprising number of amateur photographs of Nazi conscripts dressed as women.

They show Nazi soldiers in everything from bras and dresses to home-made crop-tops and skirts created from blankets.

Cross dressing during times of war was not isolated to the German Nazis, and notably also took place during World War I.

It is thought it served as a way to lighten the mood of soldier life, and to provide entertainment to tired and bored soldiers, a large majority of them heterosexual men starved of female company.

Many of the photographs in the book appear to have been taken during celebrations or parties, at which point the soldiers had to do the best they could to make each other laugh and raise their spirits.

Sociologist Harald Welzer rejects the notion of interpreting the images of these German soldiers as something unusual and restricted to World War I and the Wehrmacht.

‘As paradoxical as it may seem, these photographs of Wehrmacht soldiers in female underwear, on first glance so exotic, actually corroborate the normality of the situation, and not its exceptionality, precisely in times of war.’ (source, source)

For many years, I went through periods of almost no interaction with the opposite sex.

Never did I ever want to look at a man in a dress in response to said situation, let alone dressing up like a woman.

This isn’t an accident.

It is a direct extension of what is obvious to those “inside” but that few want to believe, which is the the national socialism of the past is no different that of today in its essence, which is a darwinist cult filled with a bunch of devil-worshiping sodomite perverts.

Except this isn’t a joke- it is real and history is repeating again.

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