Restaurant Chef Murders Customer, Then Chops Him Up And Serves The Parts To Customers

Human cannibalism, while it has always existed, is a trend that is growing around the world. In a story out of Thailand a chef at a restaurant murdered a customer, and then chopped up his body and served the meat in a variety of dishes to unsuspecting customers according to a report:

How many times in your life have you eaten one type of meat and thought it might be another type of meat? “Chicken” that tasted a bit pigeon-y; “beef” that tasted a bit horse-y; “pork” that tasted a bit like that German Shepherd you petted on your way to the restaurant.

Another question: how many times have you suspected that the mystery meat you’re eating could, in fact, be human? And how do you handle a situation like that? Do you complain? Make a scene? Ask to speak to the chef—whom, if your tastebuds and your paranoia and your deep-seeded cannibal instinct are to be trusted, just served you human?

Some diners at a restaurant in Bangkok were faced with this dilemma recently when they discovered that the noodles they were eating had a meaty, mince-like substance sprinkled throughout. This was especially notable, given that the restaurant had advertised as being vegetarian, according to Singaporean news site Asia One. And so the disgruntled diners made a report to the local authorities.

The authorities performed an inspection of the premises, and verified that the eatery was not serving minced beef or pork to unwitting vegetarian customers. It was serving minced up human flesh.

Police rushed to the restaurant, which had since been deserted, and found blood splattered across the kitchen walls. Small hunks of human meat were strewn across the floor. And shortly thereafter, the body of a 61-year-old man was found dumped in the septic tank.

The man’s name was Prasit Inpathom, and he’d been reported missing days earlier. Newsweek reports that Prasit had been a regular at the restaurant, and was last seen having drinks there on October 21. Local reports suggest he’d gotten into a fight with the owner. He had allegedly been struck in the head with a blunt object, and had multiple knife wounds on his body.

Investigators have concluded that the eatery boss—who remains at large—murdered Prasit and was trying to dispose of his body by cooking it into the restaurant’s meals and serving it to customers. It’s not known how many others inadvertently ate human. (source)

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