US Military Finalizes Plans With Poland To Install A New, PERMANENT US Military Base Less Than 90 Minutes From The Russian Border

In February 2017, I warned that US military exercises conducted with NATO in Orzysz, Poland on the Latvian border near Russia were a harbinger of a coming war. In June 2018, I warned about the construction of a US military installation at Orzysz as a part of Operation Forward Presence, and how placing a major US military installation so close to Russia is a provocation and sign of impending war.

In a recent article from the Poland Daily, Poland has said that she is going to fully support the construction of the Orzysz base, and that it is ready to be confirmed by March 2019:

The US Ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, and the Ambassador of Poland to the United States, Piotr Wilczek have co-written a letter published in the newspaper ‘Rzeczpospolita’ weekly. The letter includes details about the consideration of the US Congress and the Pentagon regarding the further steps needed for the construction of a permanent US military base in Poland. It was underlined in the letter that the Poland is ready to financially support the new project.
The letter is another step forward towards a final decision being taken regarding the construction of the base.

Excerpt of the letter:
“The Congress of the United States and the Pentagon are considering further steps in the matter of a permanent American military base in Poland and the Polish side is ready to support this investment financially. We believe that these actions will help to strengthen the determent in the region, but also will pay attention to president Trump’s priorities concerning the division of defense loads.”

There have been a lot of rumors in recent years about locating a permanent American military base in Poland, but the matter sped up after a mutual declaration for strategic cooperation between Poland and the United States was signed in Washington on September 28th by both presidents: Donald Trump and Andrzej Duda.

Jan Maria Jackowski, an MP for the ruling Law & Justice Party has told Poland Daily that information from the Polish government clearly shows that intensive talks over this project are ongoing. He also believes that the quicker the base is built, the better for Poland’s safety and for NATO

Rzeczpospolita Weekly, leaning on unofficial sources, claims that the decision about a the permanent American military base in Poland has already been made.

Zbigniew Gryglas, an MP who also serves at the vice-President of the Polish-American bilateral group says that project has now reached an advanced stage and that the US Congress has ordered a report from the Pentagon on the feasibility of a US base in Poland. The report is to be presented by March 2019.

In the letter published in ‘Rzeczpospolita’ weekly, the two ambassadors also announced that contracts concerning Poland’s purchase of American natural gas is just the beginning of closer economic relations between Warsaw and Washington. The letter states that as a part of the Three Seas Initiative, US companies will engage Central Eastern Europe in the development of energy, transport and communication infrastructure. Until now, this part of Europe has primarily seen investments financed by EU structural funds.

A positive decision taken in 2019, regarding the construction of a Us base in Poland would be highly symbolical as 2019 will mark the centenary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States. (source, source)

This is very bad.

Orzysz is by a simple car ride no more than 90 minutes from the Russian border, and less than 3 hours from the regional capitol and major port city of Kaliningrad:

To compare how close this is, the distance from Kaliningrad to Orzysz is the distance from the US border city of Laredo, TX to the Mexican city of Monterrey:

Ask yourself, what would the USA do if Russia suddenly made an agreement with Mexico to put a major Russian military installation in Monterrey? Even better, considering that Laredo is 3 hours and is a border town, noting that the US base itself in 90 minutes from the Russian border, it is more accurately placed at Vallecillo, which is 90 minutes from Laredo:

Would the USA accept this? Or would she threaten firing nuclear weapons at Russia over it? Forget about Russia- would the USA accept ANY nation- including Mexico -to put such an installation so close to her?

The answer is clear.

The point here is that what the US is doing is nothing short of a major provocation, especially in conditions of albeit nominally said, but still considered peacetime.

One does not build military bases, especially near the borders of major rivalries, if one wants to have “peace.” One build them with the expectation of war in mind, either with a war that may come or to start a war.

The US-Russia rivalry has endured for centuries, but assumed a new dimension after World War II with Operation Gladio, which from what evidence available indicated has served as a fundamental driving force behind the purpose of the CIA in order to serve as a long-term plan to permanently destroy Russia and break her up into a series of warring national puppet states.

That is why the base is going to be built there.

It is another sign of the warning that we have been continually repeating, that war is coming.

Prepare yourselves accordingly, because World War II is preparing to repeat, except this time with nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence. 

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