High I.Q. Irreligious Anglo-Saxon Swingers Set To Invade Low I.Q. Spanish Catholic Religious Festival Celebrating The Virgin Mary

It is said that the “sun never sets on the British Empire,” but the sun has set as the nation is rotting from within and has been for a while. Such an example of this was recently demonstrated by a group of perverts who are planning on having a massive orgy not just during, but right in the way of a major Catholic festival in Spain:

SCORES of swingers have gone to Benidorm to help the town’s festival of the Virgin Mary go with a bang.

The resort will celebrate a week-long religious commemoration dedicated to the area’s patron saints, Mary and James, starting this weekend.

Tourist guide Spain Made Simple said one of the highlights was “the staging of the finding of the Virgin” — honouring the 1740 discovery on a shipwreck of a wooden statue of Mary and the baby Jesus.

And judging by postings on the forum of notorious sex site Fabswingers, that could be easier said than done among the hordes of UK wife-swappers heading to the fiesta.

A couple of festival veterans from Doncaster named Hotduo posted a roll-call for wife-swappers to meet up — and there were plenty of takers.

They wrote: “Hi to all you sexy couples going to Benidorm festival 2018.

“We are making a list of who’s coming! So if you are defo coming, private message us and we will put you on the list! Benidorm Here We Come !!!!!!!”

Hotduo said more than 20 couples met up for fun and frolics last year — and that 24 couples had already signed up for this year.

The pair, in their 40s, also have a profile in which they look to meet other duos and single women. And the area now also has its own swingers’ club.

It opened last year in nearby Alicante to cater for British swingers like the notorious Donald and Jacqueline, from the hit ITV show Benidorm.

Club Cupido Liberal, which has its own bar, chill-out area and play-rooms for group sex, is down a quiet backstreet close to a police station.

One swinger, Barry, said: “The club is well worth a visit, well laid out with big play rooms.

“So come on, you swingers, give it a try, thanks for looking after me, will be back.” (source, source)

Now the story said nothing about I.Q. at all. This was my own addition, and I did this for a specific point.

There is a lot of talk about “I.Q.”, with much of it being about the distinction between “high I.Q.” and “low I.Q.” people, and in a European context with the former being associated with the peoples of northern and west-northwest Europe, and the latter associated with the peoples of south and eastern Europe. As of late, much of the talk about I.Q. has been directed in a general way at the peoples of Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, with them being designated as “low I.Q.” and Europe along with much of America and parts of East Asia, specifically Korea, Japan, and parts of China, as “High I.Q.”

Ted put up a video yesterday about the source of greatness in Europe, which is not a product of blood or genetics, but about her past adherence to the Catholic Faith, and how the decline of Europe directly correlates with the decline of the Faith. Prior to her embrace of the Catholic Faith, all of Europe was in a state of barbarism and engaged in the same barbarities of the rest of the pagan world, with the difference being they were suited to her particular context but remained the same in essence. The violence, cannibalism, human sacrifice, homosexuality, sexual abuse of small children, and all the evils recognized in pagan parts of Africa, the pre-Christian America, and many other parts of the world were also found in Europe. The reason for these practices was not because of a difference in intelligence, but in the quality of the soul and is the reason why God came down to His creation, so that He might save them from their errors by teaching them the correct ways to live and act that man could neither have known nor possessed the grace to follow in on his own powers.

The greatness of a people, any people, does not come from his own powers, but from his obedience to and love of God in the way that God has shown He desires to be loved, which is through the Catholic Faith. Certainly there are differences between peoples that are real, just as there are differences between Ham, Shem, and Japheth in their qualities, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses that distinguish them from each other, but all remain as brothers equal in dignity and purpose. It is not for anybody to say that one brother is better by virtue of his existence than the other, and where one brother is weak he also possesses a comparable strength in which his other brother has a weakness, and together they help each other in the affairs of the world and to move along the road to Heaven.

In Wisdom 2, God warns of men who value themselves over others and seek their benefit and the expense of others:

This is a description of the basic philosophy of Darwinism and underlies much of the discussion about I.Q., which is not used for the edification of the sons of Ham, Shem, and Japheth, but to say “this one is inherently better than the other one, and that is why we can mistreat or kill the others, because they are not worthy of life like ours.”

Returning to the story above, it is a known fact that British (and German too) tourists are a source of much crime and trouble. They are much like the people who come from out-of-state in the USA to Florida “hot spots” such as West Palm Beach or Panama City Beach to party and in doing so take drugs, get drunk, and indulge in the foolish behavior that naturally ensues from trying to “have a good time” while out of one’s mind and with no morals. This is a known scandal that has been taking place for years.

Now, these same individuals involved in moral perversity are going to do it during a Catholic religious festival and knowingly so.

It is unfortunately not a surprise. If one looks online, and not incredibly deep either, one can find videos, images, and posts about swingers who break into Catholic Churches and intentionally engage in sexual perversions with the crucifixes, statues, and even the Eucharist itself. They do this out of the evil philosophy which they have embraced, and demonstrates a point made clear in Sacred Scripture: These people are abominations not because of their ethnicity, their race, or genetics- they are abominations because their behavior is abominable.

Why did Jesus say that the man in Israel who had the most faith of everyone was a Roman soldier, and for that much a pagan?

Why was the first nation to become Christian Ethiopia, and not a European nation?

Why did St. John tell the Pharisees that God could raise up children of Abraham from the stones around him, and that their being “sons of Abraham” was a baseless reason for being saved?

Because righteousness is a matter of the hear, not genetics.

All men are sons of Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Anybody else is just a combination in different variants of the three. All have different strengths and weaknesses, and all are meant to work together to help each other on the way of salvation, assisting each other in proportion to their respective charisms and helping one’s fellow brother where one is lacking, and all are equal in dignity before the eyes of God.

“I.Q.” does not matter, and if anything, claims of higher intelligence are not a “benefit” but rather a sign of a greater responsibility and the potential for a heavier judgment, since assuming one has a proportionally better understanding of what is right and wrong, one must proportionally serve as a model for what proper behavior is, not to use it to indulge in one’s own perverted desires.

Hence, perhaps it is why Jesus said the first will be last, and the last, will be first.

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