Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is the American national holiday to give thanks, dating back to Medieval times and has been consistently preserved in US history and culture since 1619 in New England and eventually the entire nation.

For those who are consistent readers and supporters of our work, I would like to thank you for all of the generous support and assistance you have provided, for it is you all who make our mission possible, and without you it would be impossible.

This year as we noted in an earlier story, the website went through a series of events that threatened to undermine the very work that she had been supporting for the last fifteen years. By nothing short of a miracle, we prevailed and were able to not only persevere, but recover from almost all of the damage that we both endured as well as were exposed to. I wish to thank you for standing with us.

As one can witness over the last several years, the multiplicity of topics and details concerning said topics covered by the website has greatly increased, responding to the growing need to address trends, events, and patterns that while separate in themselves form a seamless philosophical web that is pushing the world towards a dangerous future that few wish to discuss outside of the context that seems most politically expedient to those seeking power.

Islam is a very important topic to discuss, but to limit oneself to just Islam or that which the anti-Islam movement has become, which is the “left-versus-right” dichotomy of the nascent nationalist movement, is to ignore the movements in finance, industry, and society that are driving the movement and the changes that cross into other areas of life. Sometimes discussion of these topics can be very difficult as upon looking at the facts and placing them into the context of history, that what one believes to have happened or was taught as history does not square with clear and established sources of information. As the adage says, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

There is much to give thanks for today, and so much more that needs to be discussed, so many more topics to write about, and so much that lays ahead.

It is a great time to be alive, and to be greatful for what has come, what one has, and what lays ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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