Major Buddhist Monk Filmed In Drug-Fueled Sodomite Sex Party In Buddhist Temple

Evil knows no boundaries by religions, race, or geography. In an example of this, a well-known Buddhist monk has been caught on camera taking drugs in a sodomite sex party at a Buddhist temple:

A LEAKED sex tape shows a prominent Buddhist monk taking part in a drug-fuelled gay orgy at a temple in Taiwan.

Kai Hung, who has been filmed in three explicit clips taking drugs and having sex with different men, was arrested during a police raid on Chongfo Temple.

Kai Hung, 29, is recorded saying “do you want more”, “I love my husband” and “my husband is super amazing” in one of the clips released by a local news outlet.

The shocking footage of his wild gatherings was apparently leaked by Kai Hung’s jilted ex-lover Shan Zhi as an act of revenge, according to local reports.

It’s claimed Shan Zhi wreaked his vengeance after Kai Hung was expelled from Tongshan Temple for his scandalous behaviour.

Kai Hung was once considered a devout disciple who had previously held the position of secretary-general at the Chinese Young Buddhist Association.

The 29-year-old was arrested during a police raid at Chongfo Temple where nuns had attempted to prevent officers from entering to give Kai Hung a chance to hide, reports LibertyTimes.

He was eventually discovered with 19 grams of amphetamine tablets, Viagra, condoms, and a bottle of holy water filled with lube.

Kai Hung was released on bail of NT$100,000 (£2,519) yesterday, pending further investigation.

Kai Hung admitting to using drugs and filming sex acts but reportedly denied providing drugs to others or taking people to the temple to consume drugs.

He revealed his purpose at the temple had been to study “Buddhist doctrine”.

The Venerable Jing Yao, chairman of the Buddhist Association of China in Taiwan, said in a statement: “I deeply regret that the unlawful conduct of Kai Hung has caused a negative backlash against the Buddhist world.

“I also feel deeply ashamed that I did not inspect his behaviour as a fellow Buddhist monk.” (source)

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