The Left Wants To Sell “Global Warming,” So The Right Is Now Selling “Global Cooling,” Both Are Monstrous Attempts To Justify Genocide

For many years, the phrase “global warming” has been synonymous with the political “left” and the subsequent causes for “saving” the environment as well as advocating for eugenics through “population control.” Many people have denied “global warming,” now simply referred to as “climate change”, because it is an obvious fact that weather changes do happen. Some periods of history are warmer, and some are cooler, but everything ultimately finds a sort of natural balance.

Recently, Professor Valentina Zharkova, an astrophysicist, gave a presentation on not global warming, but what she believes is global cooling and the impacts it will have in the future:

Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. The information she unveiled should shake/wake you up.

Zharkova was one of the few that correctly predicted solar cycle 24 would be weaker than cycle 23 — only 2 out of 150 models predicted this.

Her models have run at a 93% accuracy and her findings suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020 and running for 350-400 years.

The last time we had a little ice age only two magnetic fields of the sun went out of phase.

This time, all four magnetic fields are going out of phase. (source, source)

The entire presentation is here:

This is a curious presentation as the fundamental idea of a new “ice age” is something that has been circulating among the right wing/national socialist movements for some time. In short, there are those who say that, based on “evolutionary biology,” the world has not only been around for millions and billions of years, but most of that time it was frozen, and at about the time that man made the “transition” from monkey to human was also when the world began warming up and has remained warm ever since, but at the current time we are close to a historical repeat of another “ice age.” When this happens, they believe that millions of “brown people” will die because they possess “inferior genes”, and in wiping out the majority of humanity only a small, almost entirely white population will emerge as the “victors” of natural selection, to rebuild civilization from the frozen tundra.

The infamous neo-pagan Varg Vikernes discusses this frequently on his YouTube channel:

Global warming is inherently political, based on darwinian lies and mathusian scare propaganda. Likewise, it is curious that the opposite of global warming, global cooling, is also based on darwinism and mathusianism tropes about “overpopulation.” The “left” uses “global warming” to say it is the reason why there need to be less people through having fewer children, sterilization, and abortion, especially again poorer nations, except they will never directly say “we need to kill brown people”, as it is an unspoken but implied assumption. The “right” uses “global cooling” to say that it is a “fact of natural selection” that the “brown people” will die out along with the “unfit” from other groups, and what will emerge is a new “hardy” master race.

They both have the same goal- they want to kill people they don’t like because they, regardless of the reason provided, believe the are “superior”.

The foundation where Professor Zharkova spoke at was the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which was founded in 2009 by English Jew Nigel Lawson, a member of the Conservative Party who worked for the Thatcher government and curiously was a major campaigner for BREXIT while at the same time leaving the UK and going to live permanently in France:

Nigel Lawson, a former chair of the Vote Leave campaign during the EU referendum and one of tens of thousands of Britons living in France, is to apply for his official French residency card.

The former chancellor said he had started the process of applying for one of the cards, known as a carte de séjour, which British expatriates are being encouraged to obtain to help bolster their rights after the UK withdraws from the EU, but added that he was “not particularly worried”.

Lord Lawson was speaking to the Connexion, a newspaper for the English-speaking community in France, which asked him if he was concerned about the impact of EU immigration controls. European officials have warned that Britain’s new blue passports could lead to travel delays and extra paperwork rather than the enhanced freedom promised by the government.

He replied: “I’m not particularly familiar with it, but as I live in France I’m not concerned. There may be a few bureaucratic hoops to be gone through, which are tiresome, but I don’t think it’s a serious problem.

“I know Americans who live for varying lengths of time in France and they find things perfectly tolerable.”

While some Britons in France have reported problems or concerns around the paperwork and criteria required for obtaining a residency card, Lawson was unworried.

“Yes, I’ve just started and don’t know how it will work out, but I am not particularly worried,” he said. “It comes under the category of tiresome rather than serious.

“I understand some people are worried about healthcare cover and hope it will be sorted out. Speaking as a Brit in France – and I’m not applying for French nationality – I am not worried.”

Lawson said he did not believe the issue of Britons living in other EU countries was a big problem in the Brexit negotiations.

The former Conservative MP has been ridiculed by opponents of Brexit for his eagerness to free the UK from the perceived shackles of Brussels while continuing to live in a mansion in Gascony, south-west France. (source, source)

It is curious that Lawson left the UK after campaigning for BREXIT, similar to how immediately following the Catalonia secession, major banks packed up and left the region.

Why would Mr. Lawson, or the banks leave in the light of a seemingly “nationalist” revival aimed at “independence”?

The reason is, as I have said before, because nationalism and regionalism in Europe leads to war.

Lawson’s “global cooling” group is about far more than simply “raising awareness” of what “the left does not want to talk about.” He is promoting the same ideology of genocide as the left, except using the opposite approach so that he appears to be different when in essence he is not. It is the same left-right game that has endured in the Western world for centuries, and and in current times is now leading the world to war as nationalism gives way to militarism, separatism, and the application of Darwinism by the government.

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