Archive | December 1, 2018

Israel Cuts Major Gas Line Deal To Europe With Company Directly Tied To The CIA And Major International Banking Families

Wars over gas access to Europe are going to be critical in the future as a part of Germany’s preparations for a Third World War. In order to run her war machine and drawing on the lessons of World Wars I and II, in order for Germany to successfully defeat Russia, she has to secure […]

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Victory As Courts Vacate Obama-Era Suit That Tried To Force Major Catholic Business To Pay For Murdering Babies

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is a major Catholic media station that under in the Obama administration was forced with potentially devastating fines for not paying for contraception and abortion services under their health insurance plans. A lawsuit that started in 2012 has finally been vacated by the government, giving victory to the station and […]

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South Africa Rejects Court Petition, Moves Forward With Racist Farm Confiscation Plan

In August 2018, the government of South Africa moved to confiscate land from South African farmers of European descent on the basis of what is nothing less than Afro-nationalist racist politics. A high court challenge was put forward and the court subsequently dismissed it, allowing for the land confiscations to proceed forward: South Africa’s High […]

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