Archive | December 2, 2018

Just As Germany Signs Major Border-Opening Agreement, Suddenly Major Charities That Traffick Refugees Are Back To “Rescuing” People

In December 2016, I put out an article showing how major international charities, NGOs, and aid groups were involved in trafficking human beings into Europe. This was the basis of the “refugee crisis,” as there was no “mass migration,” but a government-organized population transfer. This same conclusion was later shown to be true again in […]

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Mental Hospital Releases Man Who Complained About “Demons” Harassing Him, He Goes Home And Stabs His Best Friend 120 Times And “Shreds” His Throat With A Kitchen Knife, Tells Police “The Devil Made Me Do It”

A man in the UK was recommitted to a mental hospital he had been released from two days earlier in spite of complaints that “demons” were harassing him after he violently murdered his best friend. According to police he stabbed him 120 times all over his body and “shredded” his throat, and when he was […]

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Good Samaritan Gives Money To Panhandler Asking For Help, He Thanks Her By Stabbing Her To Death On The Spot

A woman in Baltimore saw a man panhandling with a sign asking to help feed his baby, and she gave him money. The man thanked her, and then proceeded to stab her to death in broad daylight according to a report: Jacquelyn Smith was with two of her relatives after a family get-together when they […]

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