Archive | December 16, 2018

Drug Cartel Takes Two Men, Hangs Them By Their Feet From A Tree, Then Blasts Them With Military Rifles While Dancing Happily

The drug cartels of Central America are known for their horrible forms of execution they film for the world to see yet so few are aware of. In a recent slaughter, a drug cartel called the “cartel fantasma” took two men, hung them from trees by their feet, and then proceeds to blast them with […]

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Mexican Cannibal Drug Cartel Takes Two Men, Beheads Them, Then Dismembers Their Bodies, Cuts Their Genitals Off And Shoves Them In Their Mouths

The CJNG is an infamous drug cartel from the state of Jalisco that practices ritual cannibalism for its initiation for new members. They are known for committing horrible crimes throughout Mexico. In a recent incident, the cartel put to death two member of a rival cartel by beheading them and then chopping up their bodies, […]

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