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Parents Beat 10-Year-Old Boy All Over His Body With Whips, Force Him To Sit In Painful Positions, Starve Him, Then Smash His Head Into The Ground Until He Dies

Two people were arrested after the horrible torture and murder of their 10-year-old son. According to police the boy was regularly beaten all over his body, forced to sit in painful positions, regularly starved, and had his face smashed into the ground until he died: A judge ordered the unsealing of grand jury proceeding transcripts […]

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Muslim Student Gets Mad At Professor For Failing His Class, Stabs The Professor To Death And Says He Did It Because He “Insulted Mohammed”

A Pakistani Muslim man living in Ireland was arrested for murdering a professor. According to reports, the man became angry with the professor after failing his class, and then later claimed the professor “insulted Mohammed” even though no students in the class ever remember him doing so: Irish lecturer John Dowling had allegedly ‘insulted the […]

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Major Catholic Cardinal Declares That Death By Starvation Is Better Than Accepting Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a sin that is worthy of death, incurred the wrath of God at Sodom in the Old Testament, and is equally condemned in the New Testament. It is only one of four sins the Bible says “cry out to Heaven for vengeance,” and is heinous is a particular way. While many leaders in […]

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A New Silk Road Is Being Created, It Is Part Of A Massive Plan To Destroy The Human Race And Create A New Pagan Order That Will Slaughter Christians

Astana is the capitol of Kazakhstan and is the “newest” capitol in the world in that the entire city was rebuilt from the ground up in the years following the death of the Soviet Union into a brand new city. However, as many have noted, Astana is also one of the strangest capitols in the […]

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Protesting In The Streets Of France Already Happening. Hundreds Arrested. Clashes Have Already Commenced

Protesting in the streets of France is already happening, with hundreds of arrests being done by police. According to Le Parisien: The police headquarters in Paris indicates that 343 people were arrested. People are screaming “Macron, resign!” Protesters in #Paris break out in the Marseillaise, swiftly followed by the chant “Macron resign” #GiletsJaunes — […]

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peste noire yellow vests

Get Ready For The Europe Spring: The “Yellow Vests” Are Not Good, But Are Part Of A Conspiracy To Bring Back The Horrific French Revolution

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat In 2011 we began researching and writing on the unrest that erupted in Syria. We continuously read and wrote about the bloody violence that was taking place in that country, and how forces from NATO were working behind the misery. We also talked a lot about the ideology of […]

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