Archive | December 18, 2018

“Pastor Brunson” Is Now Lobbying For The Ottoman War Machine, Says That God Will Use Turkish Monster Erdogan To “Bless Turkey,” Wants Erdogan’s Personal Enemies Put To Death And The Sovereignty Of American Law Abolished

American Christians were told to pray for the safety and release of Pastor Brunson from a Turkish prison after being persecuted for being a Christian as the reports said. In a recent interview, Pastor Brunson has exposed himself as a lobbyist for the Ottoman war machine, claiming now that God is going to use Turkish […]

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Scientists Highly Disturbed After Genetic Editing Goes Wrong And Turns Healthy Animals Into Deformed Monsters

Men for centuries have claimed they would be able to either man a “superman” or themselves become superman. This was one of the themes explored in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, where Dr. Frankenstein creates a man out of old body parts and gives it life, only for his creation to be a monster and eventually comes to […]

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To Be A Light In A Dark And Violent Place, Rescue Christians Funds The Construction Of A Pharmacy Where Poor People Can Get Free Medicine

By Walid Shoebat Our organization, Rescue Christians, funded the building of a pharmacy for the poor in the small Mexican town of Apatzingan, which was recently devastated by cartel violence. We worked with a local priest, Fr. Jose Luis Segura Barragan, and he coordinated the construction of the pharmacy, where poor people can receive medicine […]

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