Sodomites In Panic As Four Thousand “Couples” Test Positive For HIV Infection

Homosexuality is evil, as it is one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance and was the reason for the wrath of God at Sodom manifested in fire from Heaven. The wage of sin is death, and it is without question that such a sin as homosexuality the wage is grievous death, including by illnesses as horrible as HIV/AIDS.

In an incident from East Africa, the homosexuals are in panic because four thousand “couples” just tested positive for HIV according to a report:

World Aids day in Kilifi county came with a shocking statistic in Kilifi county as it came to light that 4000 gay couples are HIV positive.

The revelation was made by County Health executive Anisa Omar who noted that a shocking 4 people in every 100 are infected with the virus.

Addressing journalists in Malindi after gracing the world Aids day, Dr.Anisa said reports indicate that one in four gays is infected with HIV and the numbers continue to rise despite measures to curb new infections.

“We have come to realize that there is a sexually trend going on, which is men having sex with men (MSM), it is dangerous though we have measure controlling those doing it,” she said.

Part of the reason of the high number of HIV positive individuals in the county was because of an equally high number of people engaging in same-sex relationship.

Anisa revealed that currently there are 12,000 gays in Malindi town alone and that 4,000 are infected with HIV and Aids virus .

It is a disheartening situation which health officials in Kilifi attribute to several factors , including high poverty levels, poor upbringing and the Kilifi nightlife which further exposes individuals to the disease.

According to Anisa, men also had a tendency to engage in sex with their own kind because some were being paid for it.

“It is possible that our young men to have sex with other men for money, this is a challenge to us especially when it come to controlling HIV/AIDS infections,” she went on.

Out of the 4000 newly infected people, upto 19 percent were discovered to be teenagers who had started engaging in sexual activity at a tender age.

Alarm bells of the rate of HIV infections in Kilifi were initially rang towards the beginning of the 2019 KCPE exams when it was discovered that the county had the highest number of teen pregnancies in the country.

The fact that some of the new mothers are also HIV positive has been found to be a contributing factor to the high rates of HIV infections.

Kenya National Examinations Council George Magoha termed the exploding number of teenage pregnancies a pandemic which should be curbed immediately. (source, source)

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