Generation Zyklon Is Rising, They Will Embrace The National Socialist Agenda And Murder Those Who Oppose Them, Including Their Own Parents

The following is a video I found on 4Chan in a discussion. It shows kids of about middle school age in a classroom cheering for the competition for subscribers between Youtuber PewDiePie against T-Series, a channel from India that many said would surpass PewDiePie and, with good suspicions, seems to be being promoted intentionally by Youtube. The video is as follows:

Note carefully the calls of “Sieg Heil” and the Nazi salute in the background around :30.

Notice they are also shouting “Bitch lasagna.” “Bitch lasagna” is one of many internet memes criticizing Indians on the Internet in response to the often odd responses commonly found among people from India, especially when they become angry online and resort to insults. It comes from the screenshot cellphone conversation below that has since become a part of Internet fame:

Another commonly used meme is “bobs and vagene”, of which the meaning speaks for itself and you can read more about here.

Last, perhaps the most common one is “poo in the loo.” This refers to the fact that India is known worldwide for public defecation, and that India released a social campaign called “take a poo in the loo” that was backed by the UN for the purpose of stopping the practice of what is formally called “streetsh*tting”:

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, an atheist who has been criticized for using his Youtube channel to support national socialism, and there is real merit to this. Many of his supporters are pro-National Socialist, and while he denies it in a comical way, there is no question that he has a large amount of support of this among his followers.

I mention the above Indian memes because in response to the rise of T-Series, of which Kjellberg put out a response video called “bitch lasagna” based on the meme. He released two versions of the video, both of which refer to all of the above memes (“bitch lasagna,” “bobs and vagene,” “poo in the loo”). Take careful note of the videos, especially the first one at 1:05 and the second from 2:12 to 2:30

Note the “Holy Spirit” on his shirt, but instead of showing a dove, it shows a wolf:


Aside from the fact that it is blasphemous as far as a Christian is concerned, it is not according to National Socialist paganism, for the “wolf” represents Germanic pagan spirituality and in particular that of Odin, as his spirit animals were his two wolves who accompanied him, Geri and Freki. Thus, the spirit of the wolf is representative of the spirit of Odin, and a reference to the “Holy Spirit” here would be an allegory to the “holy spirit” of Odin, which represents the racialist religion of “blood and soil” that is a defining characteristic of National Socialism. The neopagan Stephen McNallen, who is tied to the Asatru cult, openly talks about the coming of a “Wolf Age” by “empowering” the “European people” with the “spirit of Wotan”:

Felix Kjellberg can claim he is not a National Socialist all he wants. However, his own actions betray his words as evidenced by his shirt.

What is of greater concern is that not just he, but many among Generation Z are following the examples of those in the Millennials and to a lesser extent, Generation X in promoting National Socialism. Gen X and Millennials certainly support it, but it will be Generation Z who does the majority of the work in terms of physical mass.

I warned about this almost a year ago in an article on the hatred of the Boomers by Millennials and Gen Z, and how they will willingly murder their own family in the name of “bettering” the society per the tenets of Darwinism as embodied by the National Socialist movement.

What you are seeing here is not an isolated incident. There have been many examples of this that one can find on Internet message boards and news stories, where giving the Nazi salute, nationalism, and National Socialism are seen as popular and fun.

Years ago, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer noted in an article (that has since been removed from the Internet, as I cannot find it) that his main focus was on Gen Z teenagers, and that he wanted to make National Socialism something “fun” and “cool” so it would become popular as a movement. I warned per the words of Andrew “weev” Auernheimer that National Socialism was going to attempt to influence religious groups in churches, and that it would pose a major threat for the future.

One can see the fruits of these actions in these examples.

It is said that the “children are the future.” If that is the case, than the future is not black, but brown, as in the color of the uniforms of the old National Socialist, albeit updated for modern times, but the same spirit as it was a century ago which will undoubtedly and assuredly yield the same rotten results as before.

We already knew this was the direction the future was heading in. We tried to warn the world about this because of the consequences it holds. This is just the fruits of what is coming.

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