Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Police Barracks With Military Weapons And Grenade Launcher In Town That Rescue Christians Helped

In December 2018, Rescue Christians wrote about a pharmacy built with your support to help the people of Apatzingan in the state of Michoacan, which has been and continues to be ravaged by drug cartel terrorists. Two days ago, narcoterrorists launched a serious attack against police with military grade weapons, including a grenade launcher. The police were forced to retreat and fight from their barracks, where they were able to hold off the terrorists until reinforcements arrived according to reports:

On the night of this Sunday, January 6, a convoy of gunmen carrying assault rifles and military-style clothes attacked the police.

That they were traveling in a patrol and those who were persecuted by the assassins to their barracks where the police went to take refuge and ask for support since it was a caravan of armed men who pursued them in the town of La Nopalera Oriente, municipality of Apatzingán where the shootout

It was around 7:00 pm on Monday that agents of the Michoacán Police who were conducting a patrol in the community of La Nopalera de Oriente, found themselves in a breach with a group of armed individuals, who when noticing the presence of the agents shot them against him, besides chasing them with bullets.

The agents repelled the attack and sought refuge in their barracks, where they were persecuted, and the police installations were also attacked.

Villagers caught the audio of the shootout

As a result of the shooting, a civilian was killed and five officers were injured, securing two vans, one of which was armored and a long weapon with grenade launcher, which was next to the corpse of the civilian.

The latter wore military clothing, being found near the body, a voter’s credential in the name of Leonardo Daniel F., who was a resident of Apatzingán.

The rest of the attackers managed to flee. (source)

It is easy to talk about the drug cartels as something else that does not matter, or is something that is an issue of border security for the US government to deal with.

The fact is that the violence against Christians and people of good will is happening in our own backyard to our own neighbors. People that we know, have helped, and are our neighbors are directly affected by this and yet so often it goes unnoticed.

It is easy to criticize the people who live in or want to escape the places they come from. However, one must also attempt to see how they live and what they are forced to deal with each day, and ask oneself “Would I want to live like this, and what would I do?”

And as always, we appreciate all that you have done.