Archive | January 19, 2019

University Student Forcibly Sodomizes Another Student, Tells Police He Did It Because He ‘Believed The Student Was Out Cold’

A university student is facing charges after he sodomized another male student that he believed was unconscious due to alcohol according to a report: A Lindenwood University freshman is facing sodomy charges after he sexually abused someone he believed was “out cold,” charges say. Blace M. Eckols, 18, of the 1400 block of Paradise Valley […]

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Man Sitting In Church Service Attacks And Stabs Random Woman Multiple Times, Tells Police The Devil Made Him Do It

A man was arrested at a homeless shelter for attempted murder. During a church service, he started acting strange before attacking and stabbing a random woman multiple times. He then told police that the devil “got into his head” and ordered him to murder her according to local news: A man was taken into custody […]

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China Tries To Make Peace With US, Wants To Reduce Trade Deficit- This Is A Big Sign They Know That War Is Coming

For years many have complained about the trade deficit between the US and China. In what is being called an “olive branch” move by China to the US, they are offering to reduce the trade deficit to zero through a massive spending program over the next six years according to a report: China has extended […]

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