Archive | January 29, 2019

American Couple Beats Fourteen-Month-Old Baby, Takes A Pair Of Scissors And Splits His Tongue Down The Middle

An American couples from the state of Indiana has been arrested after the horrible abuse of a fourteen-month-old baby. According to police the child was beaten over his body and his tongue was split in half with a pair of scissors: A Terre Haute couple is facing charges after police say a toddler’s tongue was […]

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Trump Administration Declares It Will Begin To Produce New Generations Of Nuclear Weapons In Preparation For War With Russia

The promotion of nationalism, while historically a sign that war between nations is approaching, has been pushed intentionally in modern times so to precipitate a war between the US and her geopolitical rival in Russia. For decades the US has been seeking to exacerbate the naturally existing problems in Russian society while stirring up discontent […]

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