Archive | January 22, 2019

Satanic Chinese Government Forces Christians Into ‘Re-Education’ Camps And Makes Them Blaspheme Christ

The hatred of the Chinese government for Christianity is clear, and their intentions become clearer with each day. which is that they desire to exterminate the Faith. According to reports there are now government ‘re-education’ camps where Christians are forced to commit blasphemy: A Chinese Christian woman revealed the mental abuse she endured at a […]

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Pregnant American Mother And Her Boyfriend Film Themselves Sodomizing And Orally Raping Her Two-Year-Old Son Before Beating Him To Death

A two year old boy in Virginia was sodomized and orally raped by his mother and her boyfriend while the couple took pictures of their actions. Then they beat the child until he died according to a report: A 2-year-old who died in Christiansburg last weekend was murdered, authorities said Friday morning. Authorities believe Steven […]

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One Out Of Every Six Christians In Africa Experiences Extreme Levels Of Persecution

Christianity is coming under increasing attack in the Western world. However, at the current time it is nothing like what is happening in Africa, where persecution is a reality of daily life, and Christians are often times not safe in their churches or homes. According to a recent study, the level of persecution is so […]

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