Archive | January 25, 2019

We Are Currently Witnessing A Trump Backed Revolution In Venezuela

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump backed rebel politician in Venezuela, Juan Guaido, is now calling for support from the military, to support his opposition to the government. “Come to the side of the Venezuelan people,” Juan Guaido said in a message aimed at the armed forces, in a speech to a crowd at a public square in Caracas. […]

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Christian Pastor Imprisons Teenager In His House And Sodomizes Him For Seven Days, Tells Police That He Does This Regularly And Threatens To Murder His Victims

Dennis ‘fifteen-not-nine’ Prager and Michael ‘sixteen-is-OK’ Voris both have expressed and alluded to lowering the age of consent. However, the context in which they are expressing said desires suggest hidden and even malicious reasons for doing so. Prager outright says he believes that sodomy between a man and “fifteen year olds, not eight year olds” […]

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Discovery Of Centuries Worth Of Seven Rare Earth Elements On Disputed Island Chain Portends Conflict Between Japan And Russia

  It is often times said that it is never the big things in life that pose a threat to man, an endeavor, or a thing, but the little things. For example, when hiking in the woods, many people worry about being attacked by a bear or a wolf, or getting lost and dying for […]

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