Major Political Figure Says That Israel Wants To Pledge Support To Catalonian Independence In Exchange For A Military Base

The Catalonian nationalist movement has been connected with the rise of German nationalism and efforts to fragment Europe that are reminiscent of preparations for a future war. It is of interest to note that Manuel Millestre of the Popular Party of Spain recently said on television in a discussion that Israel has pledged to support Catalonian independence in exchange for a military presence in the form of a naval base according to a report:

Israel negotiated with the Government of Catalonia for the construction of a naval base in the port of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, in exchange for financial aid. He has been the head of the intervention of the journalist and historical leader of the Partido Popular, Manuel Milián Mestre, in the TV3 show, ‘Everything is moving’ This past Friday, February 8. However, he has stated that, for him, both Israel and Russia could be allies of an independent Catalonia.

Russia and Israel would be interested in Catalonia

Despite having been born in Forcall, in the Valencian Community, Manuel Milián Mestre lived from very young in Perelló, in the Baix Ebre region. In this sense, who was one of the leaders of the PP by José Maria Aznar, said in the program ‘Everything is Moving’ on TV3 that Israel showed interest in one of the ports on the Catalan coast, in particular, the de Sant Carles de la Ràpita, to build a naval base in exchange for giving economic support to Catalonia. “The negotiation between the government of Catalonia and Israel, the counterpart that was requested in exchange for the economic aid that was being negotiated was a naval military base in Sant Carles de la Rapita, the Alfacs” Milián Mestre explained.

However, the historical leader of the PP, who left the party for its anti-Catalanist drift, He said in the program that Russia would also be very interested in Catalonia because of “its strategic position”. In this way, the ports of Tarragona and Barcelona would be quite interesting to put military bases of the first order to cover the Western Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean entrance.

In this sense, Milián Mestre, who was one of the founding members of the newspaper ‘El País’ and one of the helpers of Manuel Fraga in the foundation of the Popular Alliance, He stressed that “the international importance of the Spain-Catalonia conflict is not being analyzed And, for him, both Israel and Russia could have powerful allies of an independent Catalonia. (source, source)