American Weapons Have Ended Up In The Hands Of Iranian Backed Terrorist Groups

By Theodore Shoebat

American weapons have ended up in the hands of Iranian backed rebels through Saudi Arabia, as we read in a report from the New York Post:

Saudi Arabia has handed over American-made weapons and technology to al Qaeda-linked fighters, Iranian-backed rebels and other militant groups waging war in Yemen, violating an agreement with the United States, a report said Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, including the United Arab Emirates, are using the American weapons as a way to buy the loyalty of militias or tribes, support their allies and influence the political landscape, CNN reported, citing local commanders and military analysts.

The weaponry has also ended up in the hands of Iranian-backed rebels, giving Tehran insight into some of America’s most sensitive technology and possibly jeopardizing US troops fighting in other areas.

The Saudis are violating the terms of arms sales with the US by giving the weapons to third parties, the Department of Defense confirmed to CNN.

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