Brexit Was Not A Defeat Against “The Elites,” It Has Only Empowered The Elites And Has Helped The Cause Of German Militarism And The Rise Of Turkish Power

By Theodore Shoebat

The EU has voted in favor of a Brexit transition, as we read in a report from L’Osservatore Romano:

After the EU’s green light on the Brexit deal signed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, the same agreement will have to be put to the vote by Westminister, presumably between the 10th and 11th of December.

The 27 heads of state and government of European Union countries who met in Brussels, voted unanimously to approve the 585 page text which ratifies the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. The agreement guarantees the protection of citizens’ rights, ensures that the peace process in Northern Ireland will not be compromised and provides for the United Kingdom to continue to contribute to the EU budget even during the transitional period which is expected to last 21 months.

The Brexit deal ends about two years of negotiations that have paved the way for the voting round in the UK parliament, where May does not currently enjoy a majority backing. Should the text not be approved, talks will resume at the next European summit on 13 and 14 December. “It’s a sad day”, said European Commissioner Jean-Claude Junker, adding however, that it was “the best possible” deal for both sides, and at the same time, the only possible one. Although all the European leaders present expressed sadness and regret over the UK’s decision to leave the Union, they also stressed that it was time for the EU to relaunch its project.

The elites in Brussels want Brexit to happen. They want the British out of the European Union. This is because the Germans know that the British, without the veto power that they have had within the EU, can no longer act as an impediment to the German enterprise of a pan-European military force led by Germany. The Germans also want some fragmentation and polarization to occur in the European Union so as to justify propaganda in favor of more German domination in Europe independent of the United States security umbrella. This is why I also believe that when the Germans told the Spaniards that they could not prosecute Carles Puigdemont — the leader of the Catalonian separatist movement — for treason, that they were really protecting the separatist so as to encourage more polarization within Europe. With polarization you have a higher prospect for instability, and with instability you have propaganda fodder to justify the type of language coming from people like Heiko Maas who recently said: “It is therefore essential that we strengthen European autonomy by setting up payment channels independent of the U.S., creating a European Monetary Fund and building an independent SWIFT system.”

Rhetoric coming from Washington about European countries having to pay their ‘fair share’ for defense and having to stop depending on the US for their defense, is being used by German political pundits like Christian Hacke who recently wrote a defense of Germany possessing nuclear weapons as part of being military independent of the US: “striking a balance between community interests and national considerations is long overdue, especially in Germany. In the face of new transatlantic uncertainties and potential confrontations, national defense based on an independent nuclear deterrence capacity must be given priority.” But notice his words, “striking a balance between community interests and national considerations”. What he is saying here is that Germany should put itself above “community,” and one can see how easily such language could be applied to the situation of the European Union: the community is dying, it is falling apart; these countries have put their own tribalism above the community interest of European integration; the idea of European integration has lost its integrity. It is time to put Germany above this idea.’ You can see how the Germans would use an EU falling apart to justify its own militarist goals. As Yanis Varoufakis warned:

“The moment a monetary union between different nations begins to fragment, and as the fault lines expand inexorably, only serious dialogue and a readiness to return to the drawing board can mend the fences on which peace and shared prosperity must rely. The lack of such dialogue in the 1930s led to the disintegration to that era’s common currency: the gold standard. Eighty years later, it is happening all over again in a Europe that ought to know better. Europeans have taken far too long to understand that 2008 was our version of the tragic generation’s 1929. Wall Street was the epicenter on both occasions” (And The Weak Suffer What They Must?, preface, p. xxvii)

Britain within the EU has been a threat to the enterprise of German militarism. Britain has always been against the idea of an EU military power, an idea that Germany has been accelerating since Brexit. As U.K. Defense Minister Michael Fallon said back in 2016:

“We are leaving the EU but we remain committed to the security of Europe … We agree Europe needs to step up to the challenges of terrorism and of migration. But we are going to continue to oppose any idea of an EU army or EU army headquarters, which would simply undermine NATO.”

David Cameron also reflected the British aversion to the idea of a pan-European military force:

The British were against it, it seems, because it would have brought more power to the Germans in Europe and would have undermined the domination of NATO. If Brexit reaches a full completion, expect the British to get closer to NATO as a way to gain shelter from the rising beast of Germany which has been itching with a trigger finger since Brexit. As Euractiv reported not too long after Brexit in 2016:

Stepping into the fray, France and Germany, the EU’s power couple, have prepared plans for a “more active” defence policy to restore confidence shaken by terror attacks, the migrant crisis and globalisation.

Meeting in Paris on the eve of the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande called for a “roadmap” to protect Europe’s borders and remain a “continent of hope”.

Brexit has emboldened many in Europe to move ahead with such plans, now that they no longer have to worry about Britain’s long-term opposition to any European Union army which would undermine NATO’s role.

Brexit has not angered the Germans; it has emboldened them because it removed an obstacle. In 2014, a  Kersten Lahl, a major contributor and voice in the Society for Security Policy — a German militarist think tank — actually said tha a united European Union is the root of problems: “The united Europe and the general globalization are beneficial on the one hand, but on the other hand, the root of new problems, for example currently related to the Ukraine.” These words confirm what we at have been saying for a while now: that elites in the European Union want the fragmentation of Europe.

Its like what happened back in 1992 when the British left the European Monetary System: the Germans not only wanted it to happened, they engineered it to happen.The Germans did this by sending messages to the press predicting that the pound was going to diminish, and thereby ruining optimism for the British currency. For example, an official from the Bundesbank, who spoke anonymously, told the press that “the devaluation of sterling was inevitable.” This spilt blood on the water for the ravenous noses of the financial sharks in the hedge funds like George Soros to borrow and sell tremendous amounts of pounds and crash the British economy. The reason? Because the Germans did not want the British pound to dominate the mark in the Monetary system.

Its the same thing with the European Union, only this time it is about more than just financial domination, it is about tribal domination, with the Germans wanting to remove the British so as to begin for the creation of a domineering Germany military leading its European auxiliaries. Germany wants to create a military force not only with German citizen troops, but with troops of other European countries. As one report from Reuters says:

“Germany’s long-understaffed army has a new plan to boost recruitment: allowing foreigners from other European Union countries to serve in the unified armed forces (Bundeswehr). The defense ministry confirmed on Saturday that it was seriously considering the idea.”

There are lobbyists in Germany also pushing for a German world order that would eclipse the United States in Europe.  Barbara Kunz, writing for the German Marshall Fund, wrote in the think-tank’s 2018 publication: “It is about time to envision a world in which the United States no longer upholds the liberal international order. In both France and Germany, this idea is part of official discourses.” Brexit and Trump’s rhetoric have become key pretexts for Germany’s plans of becoming the military power of Europe eclipsing the oversight of the United States. In a report last year published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, written by Amélie Lohmann and Claudia Major, it reads:

“The signs for closer cooperation are there: With Britain’s exit from the EU, a traditional veto for further European cooperation will disappear. U.S. President Trump is raising doubts about American security guarantees and is signaling to Europeans that they need to pull their own weight. Furthermore, EU member states cannot hide from the difficult security challenges within and around Europe.”

Notice what these authors wrote here: “a traditional veto for further European cooperation will disappear” — they are saying that with the British veto gone, Germany now has the green light to pursue its militarist ends (cloaked under the word of “security”). Annegret Bendiek, writing last year for the same major German think-tank — in an article entitled, The New ‘Europe of Security’, affirms that Brexit and Trump’s rhetoric is what has been motivating the sudden enthusiasm for European militarism:

“The imminent departure of the UK from the EU and Donald Trump’s unpredictability as President of the United States are the main motives for the EU to seriously address its discussed but undefined goal of ‘strategic autonomy’ in the EUGS from July 2016.”

The idea of a pan-European military force led by Germany is being marketed as “Framework Nation Concept” (FNC). Retired German Lieutenant General Rainer Glatz, and Martin Zapfe, a German researcher and an infantry captain in the German army reserve, wrote a whole report for the leading lobbyist organization that has the ears of the German parliament, the German Institute for International and Security Affairsin which they write on Germany’s formation of a military force integrated with units from other European countries. As they write of the FNC: “it will need continuous German leadership to fully realize the potential of the FNC and current Bundeswehr [Germany army] planning.”

Brexiters believed voting for a British severing from the EU would be a defeat against the EU. The reality is that they simply made the government that rules the European Union — Germany — more powerful. And lets not forget about the Turks.

Boris Johnson, one of the biggest voices behind Brexit, has now been lobbying for Turkey to join the European Union, and for the creation of an EU military force. When Boris was advocating for Brexit, he was telling people that if Britain did not leave the EU, then Turkey would join the EU and flood Britain with Muslims. The use of Counter-jihad propaganda was very effective, rallying up the masses to favor Brexit. But now Johnson is pushing for a Turkish entry into the European Union, as we read in one report from the Telegraph:

“Boris Johnson has announced that Britain will support Turkey’s bid to join the EU despite putting warnings about the prospect at the heart of the Brexit campaign in the run up to the referendum. During the EU referendum Mr Johnson warned that the accession of Turkey would give millions of migrants the right to live and work in the UK. The claim was one of the most controversial of the referendum campaign and led to accusations by senior Remain campaigners that Mr Johnson had lied. But yesterday, during his first official visit to Turkey, Mr Johnson said that Britain will “help Turkey in any way” now that it is leaving the EU.”

Its not just Turkey that Boris Johnson wants joining the EU, but also the Balkan countries, including Bosnia and Albania, the biggest ally of Turkey in the Balkans. In July of 2018, there was a meeting in London that was initiated by Germany called the Berlin Process. According to a report from the Economist:

“Britain was holding a meeting aimed at helping countries join the European Union, which it is leaving. … The “Western Balkans Summit” was not an EU meeting but part of a German initiative called the Berlin Process. The London meeting, bringing together various EU leaders plus those from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, was decided upon before Britain voted to leave the EU.”     

The meeting was initiated by Boris Johnson in conjunction with officials in Brussels. One European report states that Johnson “has announced London will host a major West Balkans conference this summer in conjunction with Brussels. Jean-Claude Juncker, who began his five-year term in office as EU Commission president in 2014 by saying there would no new enlargement has now said that some of the West Balkan nations – Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia – should aim for EU membership in 2025.”

Congratulations, Brexiters. You got scammed by people making you think you were defeating “the elites” when you were only helping them. Enjoy your tea.

Remember the warnings of Christ: “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” (Matthew 24:7) How can a nation rise against another without the presence of nationalism? The surge of nationalism is another sign of war. When nations kill each other, each group will praise themselves as the heroes and protectors of their people. It makes for a very effective recruitment strategy as we see in all wars.

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