Hindu Nationalists Unite With Indian Maoists To Persecute And Behead Convert To Christianity

There is much discussion in the west today about the struggle between “communism” or “socialism” versus “nationalism.” However, all are of the same ultimate philosophical strain, which is socialism through the way of darwinism. It is no different from the previous century with Hitler’s National Socialism or Lenin’s International Socialism/Communism, because both put people into death camps and under both rules, Christians and the Church was gravely persecuted.

India has a long struggle between Maoist rebels, who are overwhelmingly atheistic, and the Hindu nationalists who want to create a “Hindutva Bharat,” or pure Hindu nation based on a theocratic union with a blood-and-soil philosophy. However, both are socialistic and darwinistic, and both want to massacre Christians. Just as the Sadducees and Pharisees hated each other, it was over a question of power and in the end, they worked together to murder Christ out of hatred for the truth and what is good.

An interesting example of this union, where both groups will unite to support evil, Indian Maoists worked in union with Hindu nationalists to murder a former Hindu turned Christians, persecuting him and eventually beheading him:

A Christian evangelical man was beheaded in Orissa because of his faith. Shibu Thomas, founder of the Persecution Relief network that deals with defending discriminated Christians in India, denounces it to AsiaNews.

The victim was called Anant Ram Gand, he was 40 and was the father of five children. Thomas says that he “had converted to Christianity nine months ago and had been baptized for only two months. His conversion has aroused the ire of the villagers, mostly Hindu fanatics. They armed the Naxal [Indian Maoist guerrilla, ed] who physically committed the murder “.

The Christian leader then declares: “As president of the group, I ask the prime minister and the Chief minister of the State to please order a probe. The government should provide compensation to the family and five small children. They should speak clearly against persecution of Christians and to protect freedom of worship. Enough is enough!”.

The murder took place on 11 February in the village of Raigarh Tehsil, in the district of Nabarangapur. The news was released yesterday by Persecution Relief, after a meeting with the Christian’s family. The group reports that on the day of the murder of Sukbati (38), wife of the victim, went to the nearby village together with her four daughters (aged 13, 11, 3 and 2), while Anant, in the company of the son of 6 years in the name of Purno, he had remained at home.

The child said he woke up at the sound of three men knocking at the door and shouting at his father. Then they tied his hands behind his back and dragged him away. The murderers did not stop even before the crying of the little one chasing them: drove off with ferocity, the three men told him not to follow them. At that point the child reached his uncle’s house nearby and raised the alarm.

Anant’s body was found in the middle of a road, in broad daylight, beheaded. Previously, the skull had been smashed with a stone. The murderous fury was triggered by his conversion to Christianity nine months ago, followed by that of the whole family. According to the locals, the Hindu radicals of the village never accepted it, and used the Naxals to carry out the murder.

In fact, in the past the man had expressed sympathy for the Maoist guerrillas. Thomas reveals: “He was never a part of the fighters, but the Hindus made the Naxals believe that the Christian would reveal their secrets to the police. Instead Anant Ram was no enemy of anyone”.

According to the Christian leader, the faithful was not a threat to anyone. On the contrary, he was threatened by the inhabitants, who “discriminated against him and did not allow him to collect water from the public well”. After the conversion, the man had been banned from the village and had moved about a mile away.

Anant belonged to the Indian Evangelical Team, (Ied). “Being a Christian today in India – Thomas says – means being harassed every day: if you pray in the family you are beaten, if you pray in a domestic church you are beaten, in the streets you are beaten. Article 25 of the Constitution [which protects the freedom of belief and the spread of the faith, ed.] Is not applicable for Christians in India. We want to be protected. Now the Christians of the villages live in fear”.(source, source)

The photo of his execution is below:

Gand’s martyrdom for the sake of Christ is a warning to Christians EVERYWHERE, especially in the west, where many are being pulled into the parasitic struggle between “left” and “right” that while always existing has reached at this point in history levels that will lead to mass murder.

Two wrongs to not make a right. The way to fight “the left” and “communism” is not to run towards nationalism, but rather to the Catholic Faith because such possesses the right balance of mercy and justice and the proper way to handle these situations so as not to be overpowered, but to be able to survive, overcome, and thrive.

This is part of the reason why the Church has been under such attack in recent times. It is true that the sodomites have infested the Church and are doing much evil, and many men in the hierarchy- most of them sodomites -have protected them. These men need to be held accountable for their evils. There is absolutely no question to this. Shoebat.com can say with honesty that for the last five years, beginning with Ted’s call for Operation Whip, has worked tirelessly to expose the sodomites in the Church and has produced exclusive exposes on people who many will not dare criticize, including the famed “Catholic” media personality, lover of pedophile supporter Milo Yiannopoulos, and “former” sodomite Michael “sixteen-is-OK” Voris.

However, one must also be very careful with said criticisms of the Church, asking what the real purpose of it all is. Sure, some is of good will, but much of it is not and is being done in an opportunistic sense for the sole purpose of attacking the public credibility of the Church so to strip her of her legitimate moral voice that she possesses and by doing such, to eliminate all serious voices of moral opposition so both sides, left and right, can pull the world into a heinous war that will profit a few at the great loss of many.