Evil Mexican Mother And Her Sodomite Lover Beat Her Seven-Year-Old Son, Burn Him With Cigars, Cut Him With Knives And Starve Him Until He Dies For Refusing To Dress Like A Girl

In a story out of Mexico, a sodomite mother and her lover worked together to murder beat her eight-year-old son to death because he refused to dress like a girl at his mother’s order:

A child no older than eight years old died on Wednesday morning at the Community Hospital of Juventino Rosas, after being the victim of a severe beating, the responsible are the child’s mother and his same-sex partner.

The boy, who is originally from Juventino Rosas, could not stand the blows received in the stomach and head, this situation led to his death despite having arrived at the hospital, where he received medical attention but it was not enough.

He was a victim of mistreatment, a lack of good food, and old injuries, Karol Ramón, a boy of only seven years, arrived very beaten on Tuesday night and died before receiving medical attention.

Both came to a private clinic at 9:00 pm on Tuesday to ask the doctors to treat the child, however, the latter lacked vital signs and the obvious traces of abuse caused them to request the presence of preventive police in order to that they gave part to the agent of the Public Ministry.

It was learned that the women blamed each other for what had happened, their mother and her mistress were arrested by the ministerial authorities but there is no official and precise information about it.

The body of the minor remained in the emergency area of ​​the Sacred Heart Hospital, there were investigating agents who had knowledge of the event.

In all the corporal surface of the small one, they were visible traces of violence left by blows with objects, burns and, everything thus it allows to suppose it, presented / displayed injuries that affected internal organs that, in the end, derived in their death.

The child’s right forearm was bandaged and swollen, his contracted fingers were closed in fist and legs expert staff observed healed wounds several days ago, burns caused by cigar at the height of the ankles and the entire left arm. The wounds he presented appeared to have been caused by a knife or knife, apart from burns similar to those of the legs.

When he died, the face of Karol Ramón was left with the grimace of pain and sadness that caused the injuries caused by the couple of homosexual women who, supposedly neighbors declare that they wanted to dress him as a girl and the child refused, so they beat him continuously, and even left him without eating. At the moment their names are unknown since the ministerial authorities have not made known anything about the case.

Regarding the matter, the Deputy Attorney General for Region C, only informed that “under the legal direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the operational deployment of the criminal investigation agency, the investigative folder was started to determine responsibilities, it is a minor of seven years that he entered a medical institution no longer vital signs “. (source, source)