Chinese Government Agents Falsely Arrest And Torture Kyrgyz Man For Becoming A Christian

The Chinese government is waging a war against all religion except for the worship of the state and their spiritual leader, Chairman Mao. Both Christianity and Islam are being targeted by the government.

Xijiang Province, meaning “Western Wall”, is the westernmost point in China and is the historical and at times contested boundary between the Chinese dynasties and the Turkic peoples of Central Asia. Most of Xijiang is filled with Turkic tribes, and most of the people are Muslims. China has been viciously persecuting them, including torturing them and building death camps.

In a case out of that region, a Muslim man of Kyrgyz descent was falsely arrested on terrorism charges (while terrorism is endemic to Islamic theology, the Chinese government has a consistent and well-known history of levying false charges of terrorism against Muslims in order to arrest and murder them without a reason) later became a Christian. He was then arrested again after his conversion and has since been imprisoned in one of these infamous “camps” according to a report:

A Kyrgyz musician from the province of Xinjiang has been wrongfully accused, imprisoned, and tortured for his faith in China.

According to persecution watchdog organization Barnabas Fund, James* went on trial along with his friend in 2017 on false charges of terrorism. They were handed 16-year of imprisonment. His family was banned from visiting him until recently when his relatives were granted permission to see him behind a glass window.

The musician came to Christ after he met a Christian couple who were working in Xinjiang’s capital city Urumqi in January 2016. With the intention to learn how to play the komuz (a traditional stringed instrument) from the wife, James ended up hearing the gospel from the couple.

He decided to spread the good news and brought several friends to Christ. In July 2016, he also led several villagers, including his sister, to come to know the Lord when he returned home in Xinjiang.

Three months later, the police arrested him. He was tortured and beaten for three days and accused of being linked to terrorists. Police also seized his Bible and all his Christian literature. For a year he was held under house arrest until his court trial in November 2017.

Barnabas Fund is asking for prayers for brother James in the Chinese prison that is notorious for its inhumane conditions and hostility toward people of faith.

*Name changed for safety reasons. (source)

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