Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack, Murder A Man And A Baby While Praying For A Deceased Family Member

In the Godfather film series, Michael Corleone ordered the murder of several members of the various mob families. As evil as it was, he did not target people at home, which is what happens to him in the second film. Naturally, he is enraged about it while telling his associate Frank Pantangeli:

He eventually figures out that it was Hyman Roth, a business partner of him and his father’s and a boss in the Jewish mafia who tried to murder him. Eventually, Michael has Roth assassinated as he attempts but fails to claim asylum in Israel.

Michael’s anger about his attempted assassination at his home is because it violates an unspoken “code” of conduct. While it is assumed that one may be assassinated, the fact is that there are certain boundaries one does not cross, one of which is a man’s home and his family. Roth violated this by his actions, and while the fact that an assassination attempt would still be cause for vengeance, it is the dishonorable act of bringing one’s family life into the matter that is particularly despicable, as it show no respect or honor, and hence why Michael had him put to death.

A similar case of despicable behavior recently happened in Mexico, where drug cartels murdered a man and a one-year-old baby while they were praying for a deceased relative according to a report:

Today, a group of relatives and loved ones of a deceased were in a prayer for the dead; but nevertheless armed command bursts into the deceased’s prayer and executed a man and a baby.

They did not imagine that suddenly an armed commando would arrive to kill one of them- his nephew, and a one-year-old baby. Everything happened in the Gaviotas Sur colony, in Tabasco. It was approximately 7:17 in the evening when a group of assassins broke into the place to, without saying a word to shoot the now deceased. Due to panic, no one managed to notice his features accurately.

The man was identified as Luis Alberto ‘N’, 27 years old. The baby was only one. According to the information disseminated so far, the security elements of the area received several calls for help in which they reported detonations of firearms on Agronomos street.

The families of the injured feared that the emergency services would not arrive, so they were immediately transferred to the nearest hospital where, despite medical efforts, none survived.

When Red Cross staff arrived, the doctors focused on caring for people with nervous breakdowns. On the other hand, the security elements and experts were dedicated to collecting evidence and testimonies of the murder.

After the first investigations, it was determined that the criminals used 22-caliber weapons, but the possible causes are still unknown. It was only reported that the prayer was for a relative who had recently died at the hands of delinquency. (source)

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