The “Mother Of All Migrant Caravans” Is Heading From Central America Towards The US Right Now

During the US invasion of Afghanistan, she created and used the “mother of all bombs.” Now a similar term is being used, except this time to describe migrants coming from Central America to the USA, in what is being called the “mother of all caravans according to a report”:

Mexico is bracing for the possible arrival of the “mother of all caravans,” even as doubts arise over whether the group of Central American migrants will be all that big.

Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero has said a caravan of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala could be forming.

“We have information that a new caravan is forming in Honduras, that they’re calling ‘the mother of all caravans,’ and they are thinking it could have more than 20,000 people,” Sanchez Cordero said Wednesday.

But a WhatsApp group calling for people to gather Saturday in El Salvador to set off for Guatemala only has about 206 members.

Activist Irineo Mujica, who has accompanied several caravans in Mexico, said reports about “the mother of all caravans” were false, claiming “this is information that (U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen) Nielsen is using to create fear.”

His group, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, said in a statement there was no evidence the new caravan would be that large, noting “there has never been a caravan of the size that Sanchez Cordero mentioned.” Indeed, past caravans hit very serious logistical hurdles at 7,000-strong.

He and others suspect the administration of President Donald Trump may be trying to fan fears of a big caravan to turn the U.S. national agenda back to the immigration issue.

Honduran activist Bartolo Fuentes, who accompanied a large caravan last year, dismissed the new reports as “part of the U.S. government’s plans, something made up to justify their actions.”

Later Thursday, Honduras’ deputy foreign minister, Nelly Jerez, denied that a “mother of all caravans” was forming in her country.

“There is no indication of such a caravan,” Jerez said. “This type of information promotes that people leave the country.”

A caravan of about 2,500 Central Americans and Cubans is currently making its way through Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas. The largest of last year’s caravans in Mexico contained about 7,000 people at its peak, though some estimates ran as high as 10,000 at some points.

Mexico appears to be both tiring of the caravans and eager not to anger the United States. It has stopped granting migrants humanitarian visas at the border, and towns along the well-traveled route to Mexico City sometimes no longer allow caravans to spend the night.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday that Mexico is doing its part to fight immigrant smuggling.

“We are going to do everything we can to help. We don’t in any way want a confrontation with the U.S. government,” he said. “It is legitimate that they are displeased and they voice these concerns.”

Sanchez Cordero has pledged to form a police line of “containment” around Mexico’s narrow Tehuantepec Isthmus to stop migrants from continuing north to the U.S. border.

The containment belt would consist of federal police and immigration agents, but such highway blockades and checkpoints have not stopped large and determined groups of migrants in the past. (source, source)

Now sit back for a moment and think about this.

The “mother of all caravans.”

Ask yourself, is this really a threat? Seriously, not a joke. And as you do that, to keep in mind the following points:

Trump tore down protocols of “the wall” weeks ago and has shown no desire at all to build “the wall” even though that was the majority basis of his campaign.

Then, after this happens, the “Russia investigation” finishes, at which point Trump has since turned to use the concept that “he was framed” to base his 2020 campaign on.

At this same time, the Democrats still have yet to put forth a single candidate for office. Compare this to in 2008 when Obama was running- he was already at this point THE man they had chosen.

Now, as Trump is saying “I was framed” and in the same relation is using this to say the reason why he did not follow through on his promises is “the Democrats,” all of a sudden another “migrant caravan,” but this time the “mother of all caravans” just happens to “show up.”

Remember what happened to the big, scary “caravan” that was on its way to the US a few months ago to the US in order to claim LEGAL asylum? The one that Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee famously said had “gang members, known criminals, people from the Middle East, and possibly even terrorists”?

Some of those people stayed in Mexico, and others went home. Only a few went to the US.

Look, a person from the Middle East.

Could He be one of those scary migrants that Trump needs to “build the wall” to keep out?

This is again not to say that “borders don’t matter” or that “laws are irrelevant.” To the contrary, it is to ask legitimately about the timing of these events in the greater context of political movements, as they just seem to be highly co-incidental.

Remember, exposed how the “migrant invasion” of Europe was not only impossible from a logistical point of view without a significant amount of external assistance, but that on two occasions, showed the direct collusion between the governments of Europe working with major corporations and charities to traffick people into Europe for the purpose of causing social instability to revive nationalism in order to bring about a revival of militarism.

The same things that happen in other nations are also happening in the US. It is not an accident, but part of a well-designed trap meant to entrap the average man (you and I) into supporting evil people so they can realize their evil ends.

People point out “well the migrants don’t exactly look like they are suffering,” and the answer is an obvious YES because of the above reason.

Imagine if you were being offered a free ride to a nation by that same nation with the promise of a better life. Your life is not bad now, but the promise is that it will be able to be easier, better, and overall more enjoyable. Plus you are being offered free housing, free food, and a monthly stipend by the host nation.

Would you take it?

Because that is what is being offered to these people.

Likewise, this is also the reason why we are ardently against people migrating to Europe in this context, because as noted above, this is about a larger game using average people as pawns. If the people are meant to cause social instability as a vehicle to revive nationalism and militarism, what does one think will happen to these people once enough destabilization occurs and the society is angry enough?

This is not a issue of “left versus right” or another political division. It is an issue of a massive game of chess being played by men with no morals and a desire to build a new Tower of Babel and to wipe out people for fun because they hate the human race.

While one is forced to be a part of society, the way to win is not to play the game when possible, and if forced, to work to opposed the game whenever possible.

One would be wise to look beyond what is presented as the “obvious” solution and to look deeper, because the real terrorists are not poor farmers or men with cloth over their faces, but men in suits with well-groomed nails who enjoy eating expensive steaks, drinking the finest wine, and believe the world exists to serve their needs but present a public face of respectability.

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