Girlfriend Catches Her Live-In Boyfriend Sodomizing Another Man, She Then Discovers She Has An Incurable Disease

“Truth is stranger than fiction” is a proven adage in all cultures, for nothing is as interesting, good or bad, as the truth is. In a story out of Nashville, Tennessee, a woman caught her live-in boyfriend sodomizing another man, and she then went to get tested for STDs, at which point she found out that she was infected with an incurable STD she got from her boyfriend’s homosexual activity:

A Tennessee woman is suing her boyfriend of four years for $1,000,000 after he allegedly cheated on her with another man and gave her a sexually transmitted disease.

According to Scoop: Nashville , the plaintiff filed a lawsuit on charges of battery, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, negligence and fraud.

‘On April 1, 2018, at 2:31 p.m., Defendant dialed Plaintiff’s cell phone from his cell phone, apparently accidentally, while he was in the midst of a sexual encounter with an unknown male,’ according to the court documents.

The woman, who was allowed by a judge to file under a pseudonym, says she listened to the tryst, which included ‘explicit sexual conversation’ and her boyfriend ‘narrating various actions’ for an hour and 28 minutes.

Shortly after the incident, she learned that she tested positive for HSV-2 genital herpes, an incurable infection.

The filing claims she tried to confront the defendant about what she heard and the subsequent STD diagnosis, but he allegedly refused to discuss the matter and cut off communications with her.

She has been advised to undergo future HIV testing as well while she continues treatment for her current infection and for her mental health through therapy.

The suit contends that she had stayed within the boundaries of her monogamous and heterosexual relationship with the defendant at ‘all times,’ and that he claimed to have not been in a sexual relationship for 11 years after a prior divorce.

The plaintiff also believed that her boyfriend was also heterosexual at the time they were together.

She is demanding a trial by jury based on her claims for damages. (source, source)

Tales of love and love lost, passion and lies are not uncommon to the human experience at all. However, this story speaks well to the state of contemporary American life and what it has become.

First, the issue of GENERAL fornication, which has become so common that almost none think about it any more. It is still a sin, it still leads to death, and is still very evil.

Second, the sodomy, but specifically, “bisexuality,” which has exploded among the Millennials and especially Gen Z. The fact that this man is sleeping with a woman and sodomizing another man on the side is objectively unnatural and evil, but not terribly abnormal any more because of the normalization of such behavior.

Third, is the STDs. has extensively documented how STDs are rising and pose a grave threat for the future, as they can cause various cancers and many STDs are incurable or in the case of bacteria, are becoming incurable due to drug resistance around the world. The result is that what killed people in the 19th century and from which the human race was afforded a brief respite during the 20th century is returning, meaning that things that people died from in the past will become a trend for the future.

These three trends are all rolled into this story as one continuous act, overlapping and interlocking with each other.

In other words, it is a look into another day in the life of what has become “normal” America, where the perverse is the rule and morality is the absolute deviance from the norm.

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