Most Muslims, Liberals, And Illegals Deserve More Respect Than Most Christians, Conservatives, And Natives For This One Simple Reason

What is it that most Muslims and liberals have in common? It is the destruction of the west and the American way of life? A desire to form a global caliphate? An obsession with the perverse and abnormal as something sacred?

No, it is none of these things.

Likewise, what is it that most Christians, conservatives, and European people have in common? Is it a shared history based on blood-and-soil ties? Is it a superior IQ? A love of order and beauty? The fact that they do not desire “brother wars” any more with each other?

No, it is none of these things.

All these things said about any side above- be it Muslim or Christian, liberal or conservative, foreigner or native, are all stereotypes heard constantly in contemporary propaganda regardless of the side in discussion. There is scarcely a line that has not been spoken regarding them.

Now from an objectively true stand point, there is only one Lord, Jesus Christ, who came to save all me, and one Church that he established and which is, just as the ark of Noah was in the days of the flood, the true vessel which only can assuredly guide a man to salvation, and outside of which salvation is not found. It is true that Islam is an evil religion that is the culmination of all heresy and a gateway to the fires of hell assuredly, as St. Juan de Ribera famously stated. It is true that neither liberal nor conservative today is “good” in terms of their positions, and that both parties are but two sides of the same political machine. It is true that there are serious issues regarding national identity, and that people with evil desires seek to manipulate them for reasons of consolidating social power to the great loss of the many.

But what makes Muslims and liberals different? Why would such people, who manifestly profess their errors and live them openly with such passion, bravado, and a sense of self-satisfaction, deserve more respect than men who theoretically strive for truth, who want to associate with a political force that is less bad than the other options available, and who have true native connections to the land in which they are living in?

What secret, or rather not a secret, do they have that would grant them such an honorable word?

The secret they have is in what one can see clearly- that they are so convinced of their errors, that they generally speaking in a numerical and proportionate sense, tend to follow their errors to their logical conclusions out of devotion to them.

This is not to say that the Muslims and the liberals are correct in terms of their philosophies and beliefs. They are not.

This is not to give even the slightest bit of legitimacy to what are many times evil beliefs.

Rather, it is to recognize that these people- the Muslims and the liberals -actually care about what they believe in because they want to take their beliefs to the natural conclusions.

In the western world, there is talk about “Christian values,” but where is the Christianity? Most “Christians”, if they are not already living pagans, are lovers of all things of Sodom, or simply see going to Church as a kind of social club or meeting place where God has crossover. This is let alone the pursuit of a Christian life in its totality, taking the Faith to the fullest possible conclusion.

The Conservative movement is likewise in a similar, but worse situation. It is true that the liberals are degenerate, but they are honest degenerates. The conservatives for the most part are simply degenerates-lite, having the same beliefs but wanting to appear socially respectable so will claim one opinion then later on change and pretend people do not notice. At least when liberals say they want to slaughter infants and bring a socialist government one knows what they mean.

The same is to be said about the Europeans and the Euro-Americans. It is good to be happy with one’s culture, but if one is so happy with one’s identity, why does one not do more to assert or connect with it? Why such a general laziness, apathy, and lack of care that is so prevalent when it comes to raising families and connecting them with each other? Many foreign peoples- and to that many of the immigrants from Europe when they first came to America -connect with each other and form networks within society to help each other, be it for good or bad. Much of American life would rather seem to be passed in isolation, hidden behind walls where people do not talk to each other and, many times with good reason, actively fear each other and live very shielded lives. This is not so with foreign peoples, as one usually can get to know them much easier, and they know each other much better, for good or for ill, and they are open about who they are.

One can blame other people and think of a plethora of reasons to justify why certain things exist. Naturally, it would be wrong to discount or ignore all reasons, because many of the poor responses to problems began as legitimate attempts to deal with real issues.

However, there comes a point when enough is enough, where as Harry Truman famously popularized the phrase, the “buck stops here” because somebody has to take responsibility to start to fight against the many problems. Even if the grass is very tall around one’s house, one does not stop the growth of weeds by cursing the weather, but getting out the clippers and chopping down the growth, even if one has to re-do the same parts many times and if it takes a long while to achieve a clean yard.

It is many times, deep inside these matters, an issue of integrity to one’s own values, dedication to what they mean and a willingness to see them brought through to their natural conclusions.

Even the sodomites, whose sin the Bible clearly and repeatedly notes is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, have more integrity because they make no secret of their desires, which are to revive paganism and rape children with legal approbation. Their actions consistently testify to their beliefs, and they have been working tirelessly to revive them and they are advancing them successfully in society and are shameless in their promulgation of them.

It is, with great misfortune, a fact that cannot be said the same about concerning many Christians, conservatives, or “natives,” for many times they will in the name of trying to be “good citizens” will support such deviant causes.

Christians have the truth. There are better political options than those offered. Both natives and immigrants have important and healthy roles in society that compliment each other.

However, there is something always to be said about a man following one’s believes to their logical conclusions. It does not mean that he is right, but that he actually believes in what he claims publicly.

Why does a suicide bomber kill himself? Because he “hates American freedom”, or because he actually believes in Islam and that he is going to be rewarded for it?

Does a liberal say outlandish things because he is just a bad person, or is it because he actually believes in what he says?

Is the influx of immigrants because they want to “invade” and they “broke” the borders, or did they come because of real problems and were allowed in by the government and like any group they are watching for their own interests?

Jesus says in the Bible not to fear men, who can kill the body, but to fear the destruction of both body and soul in hell, because this is what is important.

It is an obvious fact that serious problems are destroying the nation and are consuming the society, and that the future will likely be very difficult. However, in light of such troubles, what does a Christian have to lose at this point? Certainly much, but if things will not get better, what else is he going to do- to cower in fear and submission more so than what has already been done?

There are many reasons tied to how the current problems built up, including philosophical ones that need to be addressed as part of realizing such an end. But with a time in history where so much is possible more so than ever before, and with a better ability to see into what is coming than before, there is no reason for a Christian not to strive with all his might to live out the full implications of his Faith. Indeed, if more Christians were to do this, then while it would likely not stop the coming issues, it would prepare the ground for the faith to be reborn, for as Tertullian famously said, the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.

But it begins with integrity, and not caring what other’s think about one, because ultimately what anybody else thinks doesn’t matter. What does, and has always mattered, is how true the individual is to what he believes, and that he sees through his beliefs to their logical end, something that the very groups which many complain about have done and those who complain do so because they have not done so and are suffering the negative consequences of their choices.

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