White Nationalists Prepare To Conduct Occult Rituals On Hitler’s Birthday To Summon His Spirit In Order To Revive National Socialism

National Socialist philosophy was founded on Cabbalistic beliefs and is inherently occult in nature. It was this way during World War II, and why there is a direct overlap between the new national socialist movements throughout the west with groups practicing satanism. It is first a spiritual movement before a political one, and which has within it the spiritual seeds of all things of the antichrist.

The world is edging closer to war than ever before, and as such nationalism is being used to lead the drive to conflict, the same occultism that preceded the last world war has also returned, this time to the bowels of the internet where devotees of said national socialism are now attempting to use occult rituals to summon Hitler’s spirit in preparation for war on his birthday.

There are on 4Chan numerous threads promoting this (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). Likewise, parts of the ritual are, for the sake of educating the public and preserving information about these dangerous actions, copied below:

2019: /pol/acks from around the web try to resurrect Hitler edition


Symbol of Hitler/Wodanaz. A couple anons inscribed it on their weapons (a rifle and sword/shield). We all must meditate on this.

Ok fags this is it. No more lies. We are visiting Uncle Adolf to ask for his wisdom in these hard times.

On the 20th of April on around 20:04 German Time (the date of Hitler’s birthday) we will synchronise our minds to enter the subconscious together.

We, together are going to deliver a blow (((they))) will never forget.


Our goal is to collectively raid the uncoscious world and shine Light into the dark corners of the collective subconscious. We will represent Truth, Light and Order. Nothing more.

Our energy is going to be WHITE. We will invoke the ideal of national socialism and if all goes well we will request to see the avatar of national socialism Hitler/Wotan.




We will split into TWO groups. The novice and the experienced anons.



  1. You will take a bath before the Speaking. (Ice cold shower if you can) No dirty faggots allowed.
  2. At around 19:00 we will start praying and start grounding our energy.
  3. As 20:04 approaches the two groups will perform each their specific instructions.



You will get into a meditative state.

You will repeat specific mantras that are yet to be determined.

You will look at the specific image or listen to the specific video that you will be instructed.

You will envision yourself as a beacon of Light, as a projection of Light.



You will take drugs to use the energy given by the novice anons to break through.

You will be humble

You will project Light.

You will REQUEST to hear the avatar of national socialism Hitler/Wotan



  1. This will last around 30 – 45 mins. A DMT trip lasts around 15 mins but we will wait for the late anons to come back.
  2. You will close the projection of Light with the specific instructions that you will be given.
  3. You will come here to share your experience.





You will not ask for favors or demand anything.

You will not seek to further your own goals or feed your ego.

You will not bring with you malicious energy.

You will not wish harm on jews, kikes, niggers or whatever.

You will not abandon the ritual mid way. Either you go all the way or dont come at all.

You will not be aggressive.

You will not bring anything back with you.


>anons must be as spiritually pure as possible. This means doing the utmost to avoid degenerate thoughts and actions in the coming week.


>A personal sacrifice/offering might be helpful. Some action or gift that would please Adi. One idea was for anons to make a donation to an animal charity (especially a dog shelter) on the day.


>Last thread we spent too much time arguing over what entity to ask for protection from evil during the ritual. This let to useless christian vs pagan infighting. To resolve this issue anons should seek protection from whatever entity they feel personally aligned with.


>instead of asking Adi for a personal audience and guidance, which will lead to a bunch of subjective and dubious LARP stories, we should instead 1. ask for him to manifest a sign or positive happenings in the world. 2. channel our energy to help him make this happen, like we did for kek in 2016.


Threads are being made on 8chan, mlpol, and 4pol as we speak.

4chan has already shoah’d one thread and shadow-banned the Brit anon who made the symbol.


Satanic shills are infesting the threads. Remember, our goal is good and pure. Do not let them corrupt our project.


Big Update (14/4/19)


We are getting to a mantra. A German anon translated for us some candidate phrases:


>The world is ready for Hitler to rise again

>Die Welt ist bereit für Hitlers Wiederauferstehung.


>We must secure a future for the white race, our women and our children

>Wir müssen das Dasein unseres Volkes und eine Zukunft für weiße Kinder sichern

>Wir müssen eine Zukunft für die Weiße/Arische Rasse sichern, für unsere Frauen und Kinder

(both translations are good, but the first is the “official” one)


>Our enemies are crushed and Hitler’s avatar is coming to life

>Unsere Feinde sind gebrochen/geschlagen und Hitlers Avatar kommt zum Leben


Hitler’s avatar will come to life and our enemies will be crushed.

>Hitlers Avatar kommt zum Leben und unsere Feinde werden geschlagen

Not to be used. We must only convey LOVE, not give free astral bandwidth to the enemy




Die Welt ist bereit für Hitlers Wiederauferstehung

The World is ready for Hitler’s Resurrection




The Kommandant (KommandantBase211 on Bitchute) has been informed by an anon and told us they will bolster our efforts (!)

American anons posted this:

Here is a post from a guru anon on how to increase in quality.

>Lots of meditation, ultimate goal being to find an inner peace. Low-quality results come from distraction, stress, and being divided. A man can’t juggle getting that oil change, remembering to go shopping on the way home, feeding his mother’s cat while she’s off in Tahiti, helping his kids with their homework, and making sure he doesn’t piss off his vindictive boss too much for long periods of time. Eventually, he’ll be so focused and divided that everything that is important about himself will deteriorate. Meditation is key to keeping a balance, and the less distraction, stress, and division there is, the better quality of life and ones quality of magical effort becomes.


Got that covered. I recommend that you search for the highest quality of incense, in ACTUAL religious stores and vendor shops, flee markets ect.

Some incense sticks are actually made of natural, squeashy resin. As opposed to the standard stick ones that have artificial ingredients and are thus less natural.

Also got candles(red and white. Still need black) and about to pick the Lenin for two vertical flags-

And a rainbow with white on top, reflecting the prism effect, the preservation of our seperate racial cultures and identity, and the fact that with the whites as the grand leaders of the world( as opposed to the fucking jews) we could reach the highest technological advancement for mankind( operation paperclip, tssk tssk..)

I’m also including a Horten ho 229 on the background near the top white part of said flag, to sympolize just how fucking advanced the germans were, shit had Hitler won we’d already be colonizing Mars for fucks sake.

We also still need a mantra( in GERMAN of course) so that everyone could be more on the same page and thus a thousand times more effective and coordinated


Swedish anon posted this:

I’d like to suggest that in preparation for the ritual, participants read or listen to the words of Hitler or related texts on National Socialism. Contemplate its meaning, its principals. Define and understand it. Envision a future Reich.

Some people probably already do and it’s generally a good practice to do..


A German anon posted this collection of Reich propaganda and Hitler speeches, including the movie “The Eternal Jew”. Everything, or close to it, is subtitled in English.

https://mega.nz/#F!EEJjQYbQ!ivryD4QSktQM1F3SdXzUUw (source)

This is not a joke. It is real.

It does not matter if it “works” or not. It is about the fact that people would, clearly in large numbers, want to attempt to do magic rituals- some of which are self-identified as Christians as the document notes -in order to invoke the spirit of a dead man whose actions brought about the deaths of millions in a darwinistic attempt to take over Europe and parts of the world indicates the stage which the world is at.

May God have mercy on us all.

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