Satan Worshiping Cannibal Drug Cartel Takes Power In Area Where Rescue Christians Is Working

The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, known as the CJNG, is a terrifying cartel in Mexico which openly practices cannibalism, ritual human sacrifice, satan worship, and commits all of the horrors that ISIS did in Syria regularly. The CNJG has been fighting for influence over the state of Michoacan, which is where Rescue Christians is working with our contacts in the area to help the people who have been affected by the cartels. According to a recent story, it appears that the “war” between the main rival cartel, Los Viagras, is over, and the CJNG has won, meaning they will bring their horrors to the area:

The video lasts one minute with 29 seconds, enough to witness an interrogation of two alleged kidnappers and a presumed drug dealer from Morelia, who are then executed with a hail of bullets.

There is a “new” cartel of Michoacán, and is called Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación ….

-What is your name? Asks a hooded man armed with an AR-15 rifle with a drum magazine with a capacity of 100 bullets.

“Rogelio Olivos, sir,” replies a boy in a black shirt with closed eyes who is kneeling next to the subject who interrogates him.

-How do they call you?

-The skinny, sir.

-Where are you from?

-Morelia, Michoacán.

-Why are you here?

-By kidnapper.

-And you know that the Jalisco Cartel is in Morelia, Morelia is from the Jalisco Cartel and does not allow extortionists – the hooded man is intimidating.

The cell phone socket opens and shows a group of armed men, three of them carrying .50 caliber rifles and one posing next to a 50-caliber M2 Browning machine gun mounted on a tripod.

The three subjects are interrogated and killed as a warning to those who want to follow in their footsteps, it is a message against all the criminal groups of Michoacán, a way of intimidating them that has circulated on social networks for several weeks.

“If you notice, there the message is clear: we arrive and we are going to kill people, what they want is to generate fear, fear for what, fear so that all align, that everyone pulls together, the thing is now to see if everyone wants pull or they will have to force. ”

This is the analysis made by a former self-defense officer in the area of ​​Buenavista Tomatlán, who, to protect himself, asks that his name not be mentioned and says that these videos that have been circulated are a strategy of terror against the criminal groups that are active in Michoacán

The armed groups have been attacked with all the force by these commandos of people known as “Los Jaliscos”, who enter territory controlled by criminal gangs and assault them with ambushes and shootings that last for hours.

The fire capability of “Los Jaliscos” has made it unstoppable in municipalities of the Tierra Caliente de Michoacán that for years controlled splits of the Knights Templar and the Michoacán Family, imposing their will on the rival groups.

The last place they attacked was Parácuaro, a municipality that is the gateway to Tierra Caliente, where for more than a week there were confrontations that led to the forced displacement of 100 families and the unofficial death of at least 39 people

– Then this group is generating the violence that plagues the entity?

-Yes, he is moving things, right now they are in Parácuaro, that’s why they are in Buenavista, in Zamora, in Morelia, they are the ones who generate violence.

-This is the Jalisco Cartel, which is generating violence.

– No, the Jalisco Cartel has never been interested in Michoacán, we are very different, these “Jaliscos” are not the Jalisco Cartel, they are another group that call them “Los Jaliscos” to distinguish but they are not Jalisco.

– Then the Jalisco Cartel is not the new Michoacán Cartel?

-No, here there are no new ones, here they are the same.

Those of the “little blue pill”

In 2012, when the Michoacan territory was controlled by a single hegemonic cartel: The Knights Templar, they had a shock group in charge of fighting those who opposed them: Viagras.

The Viagras were the spearhead in the fight against the insurgent groups that did not want to line up with the Templarios, known as viagras because they were integrated by the Sierra Santana brothers, who used to comb their hair with gel “as if they were put on Viagra. ”

This group was also directly in charge of the personal security of leaders like Servando Gómez Martínez alias “La Tuta” and Nazario Moreno González better known as “El Chayo” or “El Más Loco”.

But in January 2014, Viagras entered the ranks of the self-defense groups and began to use the information they had of their former bosses against them, becoming the group in charge of “hunting” templars.

This new group known as the G-100 and later the G-250 received the support of the former Commissioner for Security in Michoacán, Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, and was coordinated by the former Michoacan attorney and current Secretary of Public Security, José Martín Godoy Castro .

With the information they had and knowing the logistics of the Templar leaders, Viagras gained a place at the negotiation table of the self-defense groups with Commissioner Castillo, along with other self-defense leaders such as Dr. Mireles, “Comandante 5”, grandfather Farías, Hipólito Mora and “Simón el Americano”.

Nicolás Sierra Santana alias “El Gordo” or “El Coruco”, leader of Los Viagras, even claimed that in October 2014, Godoy Castro ordered him to reach a pact with Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka “El Mencho” of the Jalisco Cartel to allow the entry of this group once the self-defense groups cleared the way.

“El Gordo” assured that Godoy Castro and ‘El Mencho’ met with another intermediary, Carlos Humberto Rosales, ‘El Tísico’, former leader of the La Familia Michoacana cartel, who was executed at the end of 2015 after a meeting of capos that materialized in Tierra Caliente supposedly to reorganize the Knights Templar after the self-defenses.

But the Viagras alliance with the Federal Government ended violently when the G-250 demanded salaries and police uniforms in a protest outside the Government Palace of the municipality of Apatzingán, which was dispersed by bullets by the Federal Police and the Army. Mexican during the so-called massacre of the Day of Kings of 2015.

From that moment, the Viagras went underground and began the fight for the territory along with the dozens of criminal cells that remained in Michoacán after the dismantling of the Knights Templar and the demobilization of the self-defenses.

However, according to testimonies of former collaborators of the “blue pill” group who defected and traveled to the United States in search of political asylum to which IDI Media had access, the link with the government was never broken.

“The group does not have a good head to plan blows or for their operations, they are very tough and very violent, here the head of the operation comes from the prosecutor’s office, the one who plans everything is ‘El Chilito Relleno'”

According to this testimony, who is the strategist of the cartel is the ministerial policeman, Felix Hernandez, better known as “El Chilito Relleno”, who arrived in Michoacán with the ex-attorney, José Martín Godoy Castro and with Alfredo Castillo.

On several occasions in blankets attributed to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), this state employee has been appointed to be in charge of Los Viagras but the testimonies of his former collaborators say the opposite, that it is Hernández who keeps control of the operations of the group.

“‘El Gordo’ answers many things to the ‘Chilito Relleno’ and therefore responds to Godoy Castro, now the strategy they bring is that of pacification, they have the order to pacify the state by creating a single group that they can control so that stop having died and be seen according to advances in security, “he said.

With the return of Godoy Castro now as secretary of Public Security of Michoacán, the former prosecutor has a foot in the SSP and another in the Attorney General of the State (FGE) giving him an operational capacity that had not had before and, according to these testimonies, Its main strategy is to form a hegemonic cartel in Michoacán.

The New Year’s Pact
A new cartel is being formed with the mixture of armed groups that until three months ago were tearing each other’s heads off, this is the United Michoacan Cartel.

This new group – born from a meeting in the community of El Pino Nuevo south of the municipality of Apatzingán bordering Aguililla – was created with the promise of forming an alliance to expel the “jalisco” of the entity.

The idea behind it is to form an alliance against the incursions of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which has had mostly in the municipalities of Tierra Caliente de Michoacán but also in municipalities such as Uruapan, Zamora, Los Reyes and Morelia.

Under the leadership of Los Viagras, this new group will seek to form an organization that serves as a shield against the incursions of the CJNG in Michoacán, so that each cell controls a part of the territory and can be supported if needed.

Or at least that is what a communiqué that circulates in social networks is what seeks to inform the population in general, because in practice, the sources consulted by IDI Media assure that in Michoacán there is no presence of the CJNG.

“The Jalisco Cartel, which is not the same as ‘Los Jaliscos’, has a pact with Los Viagras, there in Michoacán they recruit people and train them to fight in other states that Jalisco has a presence and in exchange they give armament to Los Viagras ”

said the testimony.
According to these former employees, “The Jaliscos” are nothing more than a group of clash of Viagras like what they were created for Knights Templar to force other cells to align the United Michoacanos Cartels.

Before offering them join the Cartels States, Viagras send advanced to “The Jaliscos” those with high-powered weapons that get CJNG “will make war” groups that control part of territory to force them to negotiate.

After weeks of war without quarter, most of the groups negotiate a pact with Los Viagras generating a snowball effect that helps to fall to one group after another, commented these former collaborators to IDI Media.

The general population is bombarded with images of trucks marked with the caption “CJNG”, videos of hooded menacing men firing their high power rifles and convoys of armed groups that patrol the towns and ranches.

“When it seems all lost, the Viagras appear, with their alliance with the New Family and what was left of the Michoacán Family and the Knights Templar, to expel the CJNG, which are in fact ‘The Jalisco’ that they themselves control “They said.

But this alliance was not created overnight, but is an operation that has been in operation since December 2018, when the Viagras were reconfigured due to an internal rupture in which they broke the dissidents and forced them to negotiate other groups such as the Nueva Familia Michoacana.

To seal this alliance between groups were rivals, Viagras demanded a test of support and received it when they were given the location of two of his most bitter enemies: César Ochoa Mendoza alias “El Morisqueto” and Edgar Orozco “El Camoni”.

Their bodies were found in a truck on the Tepalcatepec-March 18 highway at Rancho Nuevo, where they found evidence of the use of fragmentation grenades and heavy weapons.

However, this new alliance, according to the former employees of Los Viagras, who fled Mexico after they were threatened with death by their own employers, is very fragile because those who initiate hostilities are the same ones who promise to end the violence.

“The criminals have no word, they themselves already had control of the state and their own kids were the ones who kidnapped and killed people for any bullshit, if they come back to control the state will not be pacified,” they warned.

However, the machinery to found a new organization is already working and promises a new structure that would keep the CJNG at bay and also help avoid more deaths as a result of territorial disputes, which have been the most violent between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2019. (source, source)

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