Major Turkish Muslim Group Tied To Erdogan Prays Publicly For The Islamic Conquest Of New York City And Europe

TUGVA is a major Turkish youth and educational organization on which Turkish President Erdogan’s son Bilal sits as administrator. Erdogan has made no secret of his desires to spread Islam around the world, and recently expressed such in a statement from the group publicly prayed for the conquest New York City and also Rome, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Paris and Berlin according to a report (translated via Google Translate):

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan administration found that Turkey Youth Foundation’s (TÜGV a) members reacted to the feminist Night Parade held in Taksim, March 8 International Women’s Day. 8 March Women’s Day, protesting the prayer of the group claiming, “Azan, for us Rome, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and our remaining account “The conquest of Vienna is to renew intent.”

The protest organized by TÜGVA Diyarbakır Women and Family Coordinatorship was held after the morning prayer.

TÜGVA Diyarbakır Women and Family Deputy Assistant Coordinator Seher Şenyüz stated in her statement that the prayer was protesting on March 8 Women’s Day. Shanyyuz said, dır Prayer is the call that gives the power to take the whole world to face them if they are right before they come to the point of attempting to serve the faithful. Ş

He said, taz The prayer is for us to restore faith in the conquest of Rome, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, and Vienna, which is our remaining account. Azan, the only weapon of the oppressed from all parts of the world, the captivity of the captive Ihvan, is the victory of the Chechen mujahedeen. Azan, this world’s pinned spiritual nails and all the Muslims are the red line Ez he said.

“For now, we should be satisfied with causticization …”

Şenyüz said that the events of 8 March International Women’s Day could not be accepted and said:

Tır A few self-knowledge, the type of species that protested the call to prayer which is the yeast of this land, inevitably reminded us as a flies, which, despite being small, disgusted. For now we have to settle, but warned that spalling or even most of the time we ignore, not handout particles from the yeast of this country is the bet we issue holy to these fly in the face of the sacredness of the Indomitable guard who would find the Turkey Youth Foundation staff no doubt we want to know. ”

After the conversation, the soup was served to the participants.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, after the Feminist Night March in Istanbul Istiklal Street, the emperor provocation began. Images taken over a mosque during the march were served as women protesting the prayer of the prayer. AKP media and politicians also served the images in the election work with the propaganda of ‘ezana disrespect’. (source, source)

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