All Details About The Synagogue Shooter Point To Act Of Ethno-Nationalist Terrorism

News has been going out about the shooting at the synagogue with John Earnest. A full copy of the shooter’s manifesto is here and here. In addition, he posted on 8Chan (the counterpart to 4Chan) before going on his rampage:


I have been looking into John Earnest, and there is little that I can find on him at the moment.

There has been a post from at least one person who claims to have went to High School with him, expressing shock:


A few points to keep in mind and ponder:

1) We really do not know much about Earnest other than (a) he played the piano well, (b) was a student, and (c) that his father was a teacher in his former high school that was well-liked. There is little else clearly available at the moment save for the 4Chan post above. This means no indications, suggestions, or anything else at the moment.

2) The attack seems to have been poorly coordinated. Only one person died, and that was an elderly woman. This was not at all like the Tarrant situation in New Zealand, where dozens died.

3) The shooter seems to have started multiple 8Chan threads, including one active one here in order to promote himself.

4) Earnest admits in his manifesto that he did an arson attack on a mosque before this one in his area. The police are investigating it.

5) The most important point, which is that this was a terrorist attack which murdered at least one old woman and the manifesto of the man was filled with objectively hateful ranting against Jewish people that resulted in violence.

Noting these five points, and based on the evidence so far, this seems to be a genuine individual act of terrorism committed by a “white nationalist” type following in the same philosophies propounded by the “alt-right”, “neo-nationalism”, and their sister movements.

This is what should be most concerning, because it seems to be the reflection of a coming larger pattern of behavior.

It is important to call out evil where it is regardless of what it is. However, evil can never be stopped with evil, but only with good. One immorality does not excuse another.

This is a talk I did in 2010 about Islam. One of the things I remember about this talk was the seeming insistence during it of certain audience members to push for the legitimization of mass murder. As I noted, aside from the obvious immorality that would be involved in such a movement, it would not deal with the root problems of Islam itself, as it is one of philosophy, not “those people over there.” As I found out later, many of the people at this talk were supporters of AMREN and the exact same philosophies of the current nationalist movement. What I was in at that time, without knowing it, was a part of a very nefarious movement with an evil agenda.

I bring this up because from this talk onward, my opportunities for speaking about Islam declined drastically. If I had supported what really was eugenics and the philosophies that lead to its justification, then it is likely I would have fared much better. However, I am glad I did not because it would have been seriously immoral. is dedicated to writing about all trends and developments in society involving the good and the bad. Evil is to be exposed without discrimination to the group or person, since God makes no discrimination save for that between the righteous man and the evil man.

It is important to expose the evils of Islam, but one does not respond to Islam by becoming like the Muslims. One must expose the evils of the Jews, but one must not think it acceptable to preach genocide. One must expose the evils within the Vatican, but one must not choose to walk down the path of all the heretics of the past, from ancient times until now.

Evil is not countered with evil. It is countered with righteousness.

What the neo-nationalist movement, which is essentially a modern form of pagan tribalism, is teaching is that race supercedes grace, and it is using the imagery of Christianity and Christian history from Europe’s past to justify a new pagan order. It is a diabolical perversion of the worst order.

It is well-known that many individuals in government, banking, and heavy industry are involved in promoting this for their benefit on the way towards a major world war. However, as tyranny comes from the masses, not only are the ideas which these men are sewing directly causing social effects, but the people themselves, having accepted them by either direct belief or with philosophies whose ends are these beliefs, are rooting themselves into them and drawing energy from them.

Some terrorist attacks will be “false flags,” but some also will not be.

This attack in California, based on the available evidence, seems to be organic.

What effect does this attack really have? Is it going to stop the evils that certain Jews do? Will it absolve the evils that certain Jews have done in the past? The answer is an absolute no. Shooting somebody’s grandmother at Sabbath services and claiming this is going to start the process of “saving the white race” from “centuries of Jewish crimes” is as absurd as shooting a Catholic priest at mass and saying this is a sign to start the process of “saving America from the Hispanic invaders” and to make up for “pedophile priests who molested kids throughout history.” The result is the same, which is two innocent people who are now dead and the shooters feeling justified in their evil actions. It is the end of what I warned against in my talk, which is that death and destruction do not solve problems, but cause more of them, and which many did not want to hear.

I used the example of the Catholic priest because make no mistake, it is a great possibility they will be targeted in the future, especially those who have spoken publicly about immigration issues or who are considered “liberal.” While it is true that there are many bad priests, and criticism, correction, and action is important, one does not solve the problem by engaging in contract murder.

There is a time for strong words, but as I warned about the Sri Lanka incident, a time for silence, because too much rhetoric can lead to the justification of grave evils.

What happened at this synagogue was wrong. This was evil.

However, the precedent is being set for future behavior of a similar nature.

If evil actions are being justified as a response to evil, then it will not solve problems, but continue the further slide of the nation into the very thing that she said she would not become.

Christ commanded that one must love his enemies, not commit mass murder based on racialist philosophies against them or simply people that one does not like.

Is is true that sometimes one must fight for what one believes in. However, neither Tarrant nor Earnest did this. Instead, what they did was the willful murder of the innocent, one of four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance, and there is nothing Christian at all about this, but only pagan wickedness.

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