Any Christian Who Criticizes The Role Of Islam In The Sri Lanka Church Attacks Is Supporting Genocide

The recent terrorist attacks against a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka were horrible. As per the news, ISIS said they were behind the attacks.

But was it really an act of Islamic terrorism? Or was there something greater going on?

There are ten points to remember before saying a single word about this incident:

1) ISIS is a direct creation of the US government and her allies (here, here, here, here). This has been proven by direct documentation, and indirectly by the fact that ISIS “appears” conveniently in areas where the US either has economic interests or is having a conflict with another nation. This is consistent with the US policy of creating terrorist groups or supporting terrorist groups, and has existed in the US since the late 19th century and has been a defining mark of US foreign policy since World War II.

2) India is going through a revival of Hindu nationalism, which models itself off of European nationalism since the late 19th century and since the late 1920s the National Socialism of Germany, in large part to direct inspiration from Germany herself as part of intelligence work against the British during the First World War. These groups, such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bajrang Dal along with their political allies such as the ruling Bharat Janata Party (BJP) want to create a “Hindutva Bharat”, or a “pure Hindu state” and annihilate Christians and Muslims for the cause of patriotism. (here, here, here, here, here)

3) Hindu nationalists are already working throughout India to create Hindu “ethnostates,” and most of their focus right now is on the small nation of Nepal. The reason for this is likely that because Nepal is religiously, ethnically, and culturally homogenous, they are using it as a “testing ground” before spreading their ideas to more diverse areas. (here)

4) Hindu nationalists have been attempting to impose Hindu supremacy on other groups of Hindus in India, specifically through language and culture. (here, here)

5) Since its formation in 1976 until its dissolution in 2009, the Indian government directly backed the Tamil Tigers, a nationalist and terrorist group in Sri Lanka which wanted to create a Tami ethnostate in the northern part of Sri Lanka separate from the Sinhalese majority. (here)

6) China and India are in direct competition for influence in Sri Lanka. The two nations already have border disputes over the provinces of Jammu & Kashmir in the north and Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast, and they are fighting silently with each other over control for the southeastern regions of Asia. (source)

7) The US has allied herself with India, and the US like India has been backing nationalism, except while India’s support tends to be regional, the US support is global.

8) Buddhist nationalist groups are all over India and her neighbors. Like the Hindus, they also hate the Muslims and the Christians and are responsible for ethnonationalist violence against both. India accepts Buddhists as one of the “native” religions of India, but rejects Christians and Muslims.

9) India has been stirring up anti-Muslim rhetoric for years, especially with her neighbor of Pakistan, who she hates and because of this reason Pakistan has allied herself with the Chinese and the Saudis in a tripartite alliance. (here, here)

10) Both Indian and Sri Lankan intelligence knew this attack was coming well before it happened (here)

All of these points have been discussed on save for point 5. You can read about them in our archives.

How does all of this fit into the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka?

Look at the name of the group which attacked the Church. It claims to be affiliated with ISIS- a known US-created terrorist group -and it calls itself “National Thowfeek”, or “national tawheed”. Tawheed is a concept in Islam referring to the “oneness” of Allah, as opposed to the claim that Christians are “polytheists” made by Muslims and Jews. Tawheed has been a rallying cry for Muslims throughout the centuries to war against non-Muslims, and it crosses all Islamic cultures.

The problem is the word “national,” as it clearly indicates nationalism, a concept which is alien to the Islamic political system that is intrinsic to the religion. While Islam does have a political system and a politics, the concept of a “national tawheed” is non-existent. There is Islam the religion and its teaching in all areas of life, which it believes are universal in application, and there is heresy or innovation.

Such language is very rarely, if ever, found in Islamic political discourse. Then however, there is this group that appears, National Thowfeek Jamath, which operates in Sri Lanka, was founded in 2016 and blamed for the vandalism of a series of Buddhist statues. Its name bears a striking semblance to Tamil Nadu Thowfeek Jamath, an Islamic political party that appeared in 2004 in Tamil Nadu, a group which promotes “true Islam” and reached fame for publicly insulting Buddhists and promoting a translation of the Koran in Sinhalese to the Buddhist Sinhalese majority in Sri Lanka. Likewise, the group has acted as a Muslim voice in promoting the Babri Mosque, which has been a rallying point of violence for Hindu nationalist groups that resulted in mass riots in 2005 which killed 900 people.

Even the name “Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath” is odd because it suggests a national identity tied to Islamic politics in a blatant way.

Note how both groups have ties to Sri Lanka.

In 1985, the CIA produced a now declassified report about the state of relations between the Tamils and the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, where they noted that Sri Lanka is effectively under the military dominance of India, and that because of the differences between the Buddhist Sinhalese and the Hindu Tamils but the former as having the majority population, the government takes a “hard line” on the latter. The report notes that there is also tension because the British favored the Tamil people over the Sinhalese during the imperial years.



The report also had a map showing the prevalence of religion in Sri Lanka, with Christianity being a distinct minority, Muslims the second largest minority, and the southern part of the island dominated by Buddhist Sinhalese except for the Hindu Tamil majority north.

The question that needs to be asked here it the last of the ten items I enumerated above, which is the knowledge of Indian intelligence about the attacks.

They knew it was coming. Was this another “intelligence failure”, or did the Indian government want this to happen? Likewise, could this “National Thowfeek Jamaath” group, knowing it connection to the US-created ISIS, be simply a US or a joint US-Indian coordinated attack in order to incite nationalism to generate conflict?

The terror attack was launched against Christians, who are a distinct minority hated by the Hindus and Buddhists, but they lack the physical power and presence that the Muslims do, which prevents them from retaliating in a serious way. However, it will have the effect of scaring the Hindus and Buddhists, and also inciting hatred against the Muslims from both groups.

The attack will encourage militarism among both the Hindus and Buddhists, who will point to the attack and say that it is the “reason” why they need to defend “Hindu Existence”, a term used by Hindu nationalists to promote hatred and violence against Christians and Muslims in the name of nationalistic fervor. The Buddhists will use similar language for their own people, and it will incite Buddhist militarism in India but as well in Myanmar, where Buddhist nationalists have promoted violence against the Muslim Rohingyas for the same reasons, remembering that Myanmar is a major source of food for China and is strategically important to her.

The Muslims will be pushed further into a position of submission, as they have to “defend” themselves against “why they did this attack.” This furthers their alliance with the strongest Muslim power on the Hindu subcontinent, Pakistan, and Muslim support of Pakistan only enables more Hindu nationalism as the Hindus will say “Look at the Muslims supporting our enemy of Pakistan, we need to prepare for war against Pakistan.”

This entire terrorist attack has many signs that it was not an actual Islamic group, but that of a military-intelligence operation meant to incite sentiments to justify particular causes. It is a modern-day variant of Operation Northwoods, except instead of murdering American citizens to justify a war with Cuba, it is about murdering a group that nobody likes, Christians, to justify militaristic policies in preparation for a darwinistic war in the name of Hindu and Buddhist supremacy against Christians and Muslims using Islamic terror as a justification. India wants terrorism because it helps further their longer-term geopolitical objectives.

The wisest approach a Christian can take in this situation is going to be to condemn the attack and to encourage peace on all sides, including with the Muslims. It is in the interest of Christians to avoid criticism of Islam because denouncing Islam in this particular case only feeds the Hindu and Buddhist justification for militarism that will eventually be used to commit genocide against the Christians throughout India as the nationalists themselves have promised to do.

It does not matter that it was an “Islamic” group who made this attack because attacking one devil (Islam) will result in feeding two more dangerous and violent devils (Hinduism and Buddhism) who are actively planning a future genocide. 

It does not matter that “the media is not covering it” because this is not a left-or-right issue- it is an issue about the survival of the Christian people on the Hindu subcontinent, whose existence is already tenuous.

We have covered this issue in detail (here and here for starters). In the words of a former Hindu-turned Christian who commented on one of our articles about India in 2017:

Yes. This news report is true. In fact, I have a close friend, a convert to Christianity, a former Hindu nationalist himself. He gave me inside knowledge of what is going on in meetings. They are waiting for a “global event” such as world war 3 that can weaken America or western nations, after which they intend to assume full control of India, infiltrate Indian army with Hindu extremist men, police etc and they plan to collect citizen’s details using the central government bio-metric database called Aadhar, where they have insiders working. The Government has been busy pushing all citizens to take up the biometric ID. They plan to round up all the Christians and Muslims, ask them to bow to a Hindu image or decapitate them. In simple words, they plan to exterminate ALL the Christians inside India. Catholics, protestants, fringe Pentecostals, everyone. They hate the Roman Catholics the most, followed by the Pentecostal sects. They also plan to kill several Christian leaders in Kerala state especially and kill most of the Kerala and Tamil Christians too in South India, as they see the growing population of Christians in south India to be a major threat. They intend to accomplish this goal by 2030. And as of now, there is a growing threat of world war 3 involving China, U.S, Russia etc. So such evil is getting close.

In additional news, Modi is visiting Israel. Hindu nationalists and Jewish nationalists are very close to each other. Pray to God, that their influence in Israel will cease.

A word of advise to Pakistani Christians :

Please don’t flee to India or Sri lanka, in the coming years Hindu nationalists and Sri lankan Sinhala Buddhist nationalists will kill Christians as part of their plan to exterminate Christianity. So please rule these 2 countries out to seek refuge in the future.

Also some Hindu natonalists are trying to “disprove” Aryan-Dravidian divide by using fake or paid studies by corrupt researchers that Indians are one ancient Hindu race. That is not true. More research is now showing that India has been populated by different people groups. The black skinned/dark skinned indigenous Dravidians and other indigenous aboriginal people have been in India long before the central Asian and Persian blooded people came. Upper class Hindus are trying to hide this truth. Of course some mixture took place among many Indians, but Hinduism is an outside religion. It has no roots in India. Persian Zoroastrianism and ancient Hinduism even share common themes, showing its origin from central Asia/Iran region. Hinduism carries an ancient racial hatred, same as Hitler. The same evil of Hitler is found in Hinduism.

The above article by Walid and theodore is 100% correct and affirms the truth. (source)

Christians have every right to be upset about the terrorist attack, but they also need to understand the situation is far worse than they can imagine. The best way to speak up in this situation is to keep silent, not because of a lack of awareness or any gesture of submission, but because there are no good responses that will help the Christians save for showing mercy to those who do not deserve it, as it is the best weapon against the Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists alike. To do so otherwise is to give ammunition for a genocide against the very people one is trying to protect by speaking up.

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