Russian Cannibal Who Murdered His Roommate, Dismembered His Body, And Told Police He Ate His “Tasty Brains” Commits Suicide In Prison

In October 2018, profiled the case of a 21-year-old man who was murdered by another man and his girlfriend, dismembered, and his body cooked and eaten one piece at a time, including that they put the victim’s head in a microwave, fried his heart, and then, as one of the murderer, identified as Arkady Zverov said, at his “tasty brains.”

As a follow-up to this story, Zverov committed suicide in his prison cell while waiting for his trial according to a report:

A 22-year-old man accused of murdering a man before eating his corpse alongside his 12-year-old girlfriend has died while awaiting trial.

Arkady Zverev admitted killing landlord Alexander Popovich, 21, before boiling his eyeball, microwaving his severed head, and encouraging the girl to fry and eat his heart and brains.

Police said Zverev fell into a coma four months ago after a suicide attempt inside his jail cell, before dying in hospital under armed guard several months later.

His victim’s mother, Galina Popovich, said she would weep no tears for the death of her son’s killer.

‘There is Karma after all – and it made its decision,’ she said.

Zverev had earlier told a Russian court how he gouged out an eye of his victim, boiling and eating it along with the heart and brain in the company of a 12-year-old he called his ‘girlfriend’.

He explained how he put the severed head of Popovich in a microwave oven and turned it on the highest setting for three minutes.

The girl had admitted to police how she used a frying pan to cook and eat the heart of a man she had ‘killed’ – but said the taste was ‘too sweet’ and that ‘the brains turned out to be much more tasty’.

Russian authorities said Zverev had confessed to his crimes and showed detectives how he killed his victim in a macabre video.

He had been charged with murder and was expected to be charged with rape of a minor before he killed himself.

Zverev also confessed to having sex with underage schoolgirl Valeria who he took on a car journey some 1,500 miles from the Black Sea resort of Sochi to St Petersburg without her parents’ permission.

The girl remains in a children’s detention facility but is below the age of criminal responsibility and will face no charges for the cannibalism.

Police also say that she confessed to stabbing the victim before mutilating the body and cooking parts of it. A decision on her future will be made soon.

Several versions of the grisly slaying have emerged, one being that Popovich was attacked after he told lodger Zverev that the girl was too young to be sexually active.

Another is that the victim had demanded a higher rent and Zverev became enraged.

Galina said: ‘We received a phone call and were told the criminal case will be closed now Zverev is dead.

‘The suspect passed away, and the schoolgirl is too young.
‘What can I say? I don’t care what happened to this suspect.’

She said that he had ‘expressed remorse, but the schoolgirl did not’.

Popovich’s heart, brain and one eye were cooked and eaten after Zverev used an axe to dismember the man in a house in Novinka village near St Petersburg, said law enforcement.

Zverev said he was ‘curious about the taste’ of brains after a previous girlfriend died falling out of a window and cracked her head open, he told a judge in a closed session hearing, according to Russian media reports.

Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper cited Russian Investigative Committee officials saying ‘the young girl took part in this massacre.’

But because she was below 14, she was ‘interrogated as an underage witness and placed into a special detention centre for children’.

Zverev, from the Altai mountains in Siberia, previously had a relationship with another underage girl called Olga Semibokova who died after falling from a window.

This girl was 15 when they began having sex and died last year when she was 18.

Her parents demanded that police should reopen the an investigation into her death. (source, source)

A similar case happened several years ago where an Italian sodomite living in the UK, Stefano Brizzi, hooked up with another sodomite and during what was described as a “dirty, sleazy sex” session fueled by methamphetamine, he murdered his sodomite partner, shredded his flesh with a cheese grater, and ate it with chopsticks before trying to dissolve the remains in acid and said he did it because the devil told him. He was arrested and two years later committed suicide in prison.

Cannibalism is a rising trend that one should continue to watch for the future, because as man turns away from objective, divinely revealed truth and replaces God with his own personal will as the measure of what is true or false, it naturally leads to a justification of the worst sins of mankind.

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