Archive | May 3, 2019

Forty Soldiers In The Venezuelan National Guard Attacked Catholic Church While The Priest Was Saying Mass

Revolutions in Central America, especially involving US intervention, often involve anti-clerical and anti-Christian violence. According to a recent report, forty members of the Venezuelan national guard attacked a Catholic Church during mass, firing tear gas into the church while people were still in it: Members of the Venezuelan National Guard attacked a Catholic church in […]

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New Science Report Discovers Herpes Viruses Are “Mating” With Each Other And Mutating

STDs are serious things, and while some can still be cured albeit with difficulty, many are mutating to the point of becoming incurable or are already incurable. One of these incurable illnesses is herpes, which can affect the mouth (HSV-1) or genitals (HSV-2). These are two separate strains of the virus that scientists thought did […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack And Slaughter Fourteen Loggers In Nigeria

Islamic terrorist attacks continue in the nation of Nigeria, where fourteen loggers were slaughtered by Boko Haram according to a report: At least 14 bodies of loggers from a village in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno were evacuated to a police station following an attack by terror group Boko Haram earlier this week, the head […]

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