Archive | May 20, 2019

Ford Announces Elimination Of Seven Thousand Jobs, Ten Percent Of Her Total Work Force

Economic progress made under President Trump has not addressed fundamental causes of decline and stagnation, and so should not be taken as a sign of recovering economic health, but a temporary respite along a path of sustained decline where current gains do not fully recover previous losses. In the event of a future economic crisis, […]

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Pennsylvania Man Burns Church Down, Says He Did It Because He Was ‘Angry At God’

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged with burning a church down because he was ‘angry at’ God according to a report: A man charged with the arson of a Pennsylvania church that banned him for unspecified reasons said he was angry at God. Wilmer Jose Ortiz Torres, 43, was charged with twice setting […]

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Methodists And Episcopalians Move Closer To Full Communion With Each Other

American Christianity as a whole is in decline. No group has been spared the effects of it. Mainline Protestant denominations have been declining for years and are continuing to do so, and to such an extent that some may disappear. There has been talk and movement towards consolidating denominations in order to address this as […]

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