Archive | May 11, 2019

Chinese Government Destroys Massive Catholic Church, Prepares To Destroy Twenty-Three More

The Chinese Government has been waging a war against all religion and the Catholic Church is one of the largest targets. According to recent news, the government had destroyed another church and is planning to destroy twenty-three more: Last night, between May 6 and 7, the demolition of the Catholic church of the village of […]

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Trump Negotiates Deal To Help Fornicating Sodomites Get Free Pre-HIV Infection Medication Treatment

Trump loves to brag about he can make ‘great deals’. According to recent news reports, Trump just made a deal with Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of the PreP, which is anti-viral HIV medication that sodomites take in order that they can sodomize each other openly and without the theoretical fear of contracting HIV. As per […]

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US Warns Of Iranian “Attack,” Starts Sending Naval Ships And Military Equipment To The Middle East

The US has been openly inciting a conflict with Iran since 2001. So far a war has been averted, but there is no guarantee that it will continue as such, especially with the heavy push by the Trump administration for military action. According to recent developments, the US government is now claiming that Iran may […]

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