Drug Cartel Assassins Describe Feeding People To Wild Animals And Torturing Them With Fire, Says He Took A Six-Year-Old Girl, Dismembered Her Alive Piece-By-Piece In Front Of Her Parents, Then Burned Her Body In A Barrel Before Doing The Same To Her Parents

The stories of horror from the drug cartels of Mexico never cease to end, and so few discuss them in spite of Mexico being so close to the USA. While many people will worry about ISIS or “migrants crossing the border,” the more one reads the stories of the horrors that is everyday life in Mexico for many, especially the poorest of the poor, one cannot blame people for wanting to escape what is a real-life horror movie.

In a recent story, a drug cartel assassin described how he would torture people to death and destroy bodies, methods which involved the use of diesel fuel, acid, wild animals, and fire. He also described a gruesome story where he dismembered a six-year-old girl alive in front of her parents and burned her remains before doing the same to her parents:

The world of drug trafficking in Mexico is violent. Especially when looking from the northwest states of the country, where death is gaining the game of life.

From time to time, stories that never cease to surprise come to light, and that in the worst cases include human sacrifices. -What is the penalty they apply when they capture their enemies? Asked journalist Jon Lee Anderson to a former Zeta soldier. Almost without thinking, the hit man replied: “We have had many people who work with us. Then they grab them, put them in jail and then leave.

Although some of them want to make their life differently, others form their own ‘cartelito’ with their own people. Then, we throw them straight to the kitchen »

– How is that? Jon Lee revived.

«You take the detainees in some barrels (tambos). You make holes and then put them near a little stream or well. Since you are there, you throw the person upside down and put diesel and you disappear from this world.

The method known as “the kitchen” dissolves bodies, because the fuel that falls on the skin is corrosive. According to the assassins, the procedure lasts about half an hour.

According to the investigations of the Public Security Secretariat, the ex-leader of Los Zetas, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, committed at least 72 murders using this method: throwing the bodies in a tambo, putting famable liquid and setting them on fire.

Another of the alleged leaders of the criminal organization that used cruel methods of execution was Heriberto Lazcano, alias “El Z3”, who allegedly forced his “enemies” to enter a cage with exotic pets: lions and tigers. Lazcano fell in a shootout in 2012 with Mexican military.

Apparently this type of execution was “copied” from Colombian drug traffickers, who are said to have dangerous animals in their possession as a status symbol.e

In 2009, federal agents arrested Santiago Meza López, aka “El Polozero.” Lopez confessed to having dissolved more than 300 bodies in acid baths for the Tijuana Cartel. Reportedly, Teodoro García Simenta, alleged ringleader of the Tijuana cartel, paid Meza López to get rid of the victims of the cartel.

For this, he filled a drum with 200 liters of water and two bags of caustic soda. Then he put them on fire to boil the bodies

This case happened in 2013, shortly before the Texas police detained Marciano “Chano” Millan Vázquez. The courts convicted him of 10 counts of murder and drug trafficking. Vazquez, a presumed hit man for Los Zetas, was involved in the kidnapping of a former drug kingpin. Later, he testified against Vazquez, claiming that the Zeta took him to a hidden place, where he had also abducted a family.

Reportedly, US officials took a shipment of narcotics, and “Chano” sought a punishment against the man for not paying for the lost property. When the hit man took off the blindfold, the “victim” saw a family, a couple and their 6-year-old daughter standing near a burning barrel. The cartel members forced the parents to watch as Vázquez dismembered the girl with an ax. Then he threw his limbs into the fire. The ruthless man repeated the same action with the parents. (source, source)

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