Member Of Professional Liars Guild That Spreads Lies Around The World Says It “Sounds Like” The FBI Spied On Trump

A “former” CIA head of counterintelligence has said it “sounds like” Trump was spied upon by the FBI according to a report:

The FBI’s use of “confidential human informants” to obtain information from Trump campaign officials under false pretenses was straight up spying, according to the CIA’s former head of counterintelligence, James Olson, a 30-year agency veteran who served under six presidents, and who once conducted an undercover overseas mission with his wife.

“It does sounds like spying,” said Olson in response to a question from the Hill.Tv’s Saagar Enjeti. “spying can take many different forms and the art of spying has evolved.”

Olson spoke with Enjeti following a bombshell admission in the New York Times confirming that the FBI sent a government investigator to London in September 2016 to meet with Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos while posing as “Azra Turk” – assistant to another FBI spy, the well-paid Stefan Halper (who once oversaw a CIA operation to spy on Jimmy Carter on behalf of the Reagan campaign, under the direction of then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush).

Of note, Papadopoulos contends that “Azra Turk” is CIA, not FBI.

Meanwhile, Trump called the Times piece “bigger than WATERGATE, but the reverse!”

When asked about “Azra Turk,” Olson said “I think that person did misrepresent the purpose and was looking for information,” adding “Yeah, I’d call that spying.”

Attorney General William Barr set off a firestorm of debate last month during congressional testimony after he referred to the FBI’s activities against the 2016 Trump campaign as “spying,” a phrase he later defended during testimony last week – saying “I’m not going to abjure the use of the word ‘spying,” adding “I think spying is a good English word that, in fact, doesn’t have synonyms because it is the broadest word incorporating really all forms of covert intelligence collection.”

“So I’m not going to back off the word ‘spying.'”

Of Olson’s time in the CIA, he told NBCDFW in 2017: “My career would really, I think, boil down to chasing Russians wherever there were Russians,” Olson said. “They were our number-one Cold War adversary, and my job was to monitor their activities, but above all, to recruit them as spies for us and then to handle them as spies for us, which I did on the streets of Moscow among other places.” (source, source)

The CIA is referred to as “the company,” and for which the members look out for each other in the realization of a common goal, which is the enforcement and extension of the interests of America’s funders in finance and industry.

Recently, Mike Pompeo admitted that the CIA hires people to lie, cheat, and steal, and wrote a piece about this.

These are obvious facts known by observation and experience. Now, members of the CIA (as the organization is similar to the Hotel California) are admitted this is what the CIA does as part of its mode of operation.

They lie for a living.

People accuse “THE DEEP STATE” or “THE ELITES” of lying, but can never define who these people are, as though they were an elusive group of secret people that have no roots and manifested out of nothing. However, they are real and exist, and because of that have roots they cannot hide, since they put their pants on the same way each morning that every other man does and has done since the dawn of time. They have names such as Richard Mellon Scaife, Paul Warburg, or David Rockefeller, and they are bound by their immense riches and belief in a eugenic future since like the ancient of old, they subscribe to a philosophy of superiority and domination of others while they view themselves as human dieties. It is the sin of the Garden of Eden, of the Tower of Babel, and the downfall of all men who think they can become divine.

Getting into the CIA is very hard, as it is with the FBI, for in spite of what is said, ultimately to be a member of either, especially the former, it is necessary to place the “interests” of one’s commander over those of one’s own morality. God comes before employment because the employer sees themselves as god and their orders as divine, whether admitting to it outright or not. If one becomes a member of this, it is likely because he agrees with this evil and abhorrent philosophy.

While there are CIA operatives who have said good things that are correct, one must be careful to scrutinize anything a man such as he would say because he is a member of a guild that pays him to lie, cheat, and steal. This is especially true with politically sensitive matters, such as the entire Trump debacle that has been going on for almost three years now.

There is no conclusive evidence that Trump was “spied on”, and the only real “evidence” presented has been the “hunch” that Donald Trump, another man known for lying and morally disreputable behavior, said to the public as a fact but without asserting it so.

To say that “Trump was spied upon” is to assert the narrative of “I was framed” that Trump, the actor that he is, has so consistently stated as it his campaign slogan to distract from his abject failure as a president to “make America great again” and deal with even a tenth of the promises he made and for which people voted for him. This goes hand-in-hand with the current feigned “disarray” in the Democrat party, that has yet to put forth a single viable presidential contender with almost 18 months before the election, as each one either has an unelectable past or is making statements to render themselves unelectable.

Notice too that he said it “sounds like” Trump was spied upon. It’s no different than a “hunch”- its just another way of lying by giving people a false impression of reality rather than answering the question directly.

If there is a plot here, it is not that “Trump was spied upon,” but that the FBI and CIA, agents of the same government, are working together as “good-cop-bad-cop” to dupe the public into voting for Trump so as to likely minimize their work in likely tilting the ballot boxes in favor of Trump for election 2020.

Trump has had his chance, and he has shown himself to be not even in the slightest and “outsider,” but a willing servant of the very individuals he promised to stop. It is not going to stop if he is re-elected, and since there is a high likelihood the following president will be a Democrat if Trump is re-elected, then the current state of affairs will be as it is now, just worse.

Instead of focusing on politics, focus on helping yourself get ready for what will likely be a serious war around the world involving the US, as the pattern for this is well on its way already.

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