Buddhist Monk Loved By The Counter-Jihad Movement Tells People To ‘Worship The Military Like Gods’

Ashin Wirathu is a favorite Buddhist monk of the counter-jihad movement. Robert Spencer and “Hugh Fitzgerald,” Pamela Geller, and many others have lauded him for his nationalism and stance on Islam, and at times have tried to hid their support of him later because of his open racism that is inseparable from his nationalism. See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for starters.

This same terrorist has come out and stated that the military should be ‘worshiped as Gods’ because the protect the government:

On May 5, hundreds of people joined a pro-military rally in front of the city hall in Yangon, to protest the government’s efforts to amend the 2008 constitution, which affords the generals vast powers.

The leader of the rally, radical Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu, is often referred to as the ‘Burmese Bin Laden.’ He has always allied himself with the military, while heavily criticizing State Counsellor Aung SanSuu Kyi and the civil government she leads.

“Nowadays, military lawmakers sit in a parliament, but they don’t get salaries as a lawmaker. They only get the salaries of soldiers. They protect the country while taking only a soldier’s salary, so they should be worshipped like God,” Wirathu said at the rally in a video made by local media Khinthitnews and posted on Facebook.

He added, “But people now hate them like enemies. Under those circumstances, it’s not possible to amend the constitution.” Wirathu opposed any change to Myanmar’s military drafted constitution, in order to prevent the country’s de facto political leader, Aung SanSuu Kyi, from ever becoming the nation’s president given her marriage with a British man.

In January, the Burmese Parliament approved the establishment of a 45-member committee led by Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) tasked with mapping out constitutional reforms.

Pro-democracy campaigners is eyeing to change a provision that grants military MPs the power to veto any proposed charter changes, notably any amendments that would curb their political power.

The 2008 charter, drafted during military rule, mandates that a quarter of seats be reserved for the military. Any change to the charter needs a vote of more than 75 percent of members, giving the army an effective veto. It also gives them control of key portfolios such as home affairs, national defense and border security.

Myanmar’s military has a notorious human rights record, especially towards the country’s minority ethnic groups – Christian-majority Kachin and Chin groups, Muslim-majority Rohingyas alike, all suffer under the brutal attacks launched by the army. (source)

Shoebat.com is the only site on the Internet which has exposed the deep inner working of the right-wing movement and its ties to the counter-jihad movement, drug trafficking, nationalism, and satanism as part of an outright plot involving the left and the right to drive the world to war in nothing less than an attempt at reviving neo-paganism and to annihilate the Church. The counter-jihad movement, as we have found, is but a front for all of these things to bring people using real conflicts with real problems into supporting a revived nationlism that will be parlayed into and is being parlayed actively towards militarism.

Buddhist, as well as Hindu nationalism, factor deeply into this because they are viewed as “allies” by their philosophy in a war against the Russian using blood-and-soil, or national socialism, as opposed to the economics-and-class methodology used by the international socialists, known as communists.

All of these people hate Christianity and the Church, and whatever support of the Church or Christ they have is only to cover for their own nationalistic ambitions. This was the warning that I noted concerning the recent Church bombings on Easter in Sri Lanka, because while there were Islamic terrorist groups involved, there were also other factors that suggested a greater political objective for either allowing or facilitating the attacks.

If it was that the antichrist came to Earth and began to deceive men, what approach would he take? It is likely that he would come as a “conservative” for the simple dichotomy that I have explained before. What the “liberal” does out in the open, the “conservative” also does but in secret so as not to give the blatant impression that he supports the same view as his public opponent, for they are all friends behind closed doors. The man who shouts loudly and makes a scene proclaiming his love of death and violence is easy to identify and to call him out for his evils. This is the liberal, who makes no attempt to hide his views. However, the man who says that he is against violence yet befriends, stands with, and helps guide money to men who do violence is no different than the other man save for the impression that he gives.

Thus it is with such “Buddhist”, “Hindu”, or “pagan” groups who say they want to fight Islam yet are all acting under the same philosophy of Blut und Boden. They are not allies, but hindrances to dealing with Islam, because while fighting is necessary at times, the war against Islam is ultimately won by conversions from Islam to the true faith. Groups who wish to stand against Islam but embrace such errors might as well as be allied with Muslims because as is evidenced by their actions now and in the not recent past, they are known to use the threat of Islam to expand their own power, and ultimately at the expense of the Church.

This statement of Wirathu is indicative of all this, for to such men as he is, to even suggest the worship of the government is a statement of the worship of the self that they want and the license to murder those people who they do not like. It is Muslims today, but there is no doubt it eventually will be Christians and in time, other Buddhists who do not conform to whatever arbitrary standard that “defenders of orthodoxy” such as will create to justify their actions.

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