Thirteen Christians Slaughtered In Attack In Chad

Islamic terrorist attacks in West Africa are exploding everywhere. Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Congo, and Cameroon all have suffered violence. Now the nation of Chad was attacked by terrorists according to a report:

Boko Haram jihadists have killed 13 villagers in eastern Chad, where they have become increasingly active, local authorities told AFP Friday.

Armed militants targeted the village of Ceilia early Thursday morning, killing the local chief and his family and setting fire to homes before killing another nine people on their way out, said Dimouya Soiapebe, a Lake Chad province official.

Soldiers did not arrive in time to stop the killings.

The attackers “came very early in the morning to surprise the villagers in their sleep”, during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan,” said Soiapebe.

Soldiers are sweeping the area, and the security presence in the area will be reinforced, a high official said.

Boko Haram’s decade-long uprising to establish a hardline Islamic state in Nigeria’s northeast has spilled into neighbouring Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

A regional military coalition is battling the radical Islamist group, but at least 27,000 people have been in killed in Nigeria alone, and some two million forced from their homes. (source, source)

This attack took place in eastern Chad. While Nigeria borders Chad on her southwestern side, the fact that she is a neighbor to Nigeria is what matters.

Right now, there are a lot of Islamic terrorist attacks that just so happen to be taking place in areas where there is evidence the US military is exploring for oil resources and mineral deposits, and all the while there is an active silent war with China to cut off and control oil access from Nigeria via the Tran-Mediterranean Pipeline, which brings oil from West Africa to Algeria before traveling to Europe.

If one were to draw a “line,” one could trace the attacks from Burkina Faso through Niger, Chad, and to Cameroon before turning towards the Central African Republic and the Congo. All of this area is believed to be one giant untapped oil field. warned about terrorism in Nigeria last year a Nigeria began to use the Yuan to pay for oil instead of the Dollar. Nigeria, while not an international power, is a regional powerhouse in Africa, has the potential to grow stronger, has a history of being a regional empire, and is the most “pro-China” nation outside of China herself.

What seems to be happening right now is equivalent to the “scramble for Africa” that took place in the years leading up to World War I, where the international powers were locking down territory, resources, and alliances as they prepared themselves for war.

Terrorism is a tool of US foreign policy, and that so much terrorism is happening in this region at the same time that exploration for oil and minerals is taking place is far from a co-incidence.

The innocent are suffering in these attacks. However, none of them should be looked at as simple acts of Islamic violence, for while violence is intrinsic to Islam based on her theology, Islam has also been used by government throughout history as a tool of policy, for the deviant and violent behavior of many Muslims makes them ideal foot-soldiers or useful tools to manipulate to justify policies. The persecution is real, and the people doing the persecuting many times believe they are doing the will of Allah, but they also could not do their persecution without tools and funding, of which the question becomes from where are they getting their means?

Many speak about Muslim “missionaries” in the West, but few realize that the biggest supporters of Islam and missionaries for the religion are in Langley, as the US has promoted the Islamization of many parts of the world, undoing the work of many Christian missionaries, and all in the name of geopolitics and powers.

In this case, it is correct to say that the US is a Muslim country, because who has helped with the propagation of Islam more than us? One would only need to ask the Christians of Iraq and Syria, but dead men cannot speak.

Expect more terrorist attacks in Africa, as well as persecution. Indeed, it would not be a surprise if the persecution became so intense and serious throughout the world that it would reach the point of being difficult to control.

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