Catholic Church Vandalized With Pro-Abortion Graffiti In Pennsylvania

Attacks against Churches in the US have increased with each year as the state of religion declines, secularism rises, and with it philosophies and believes aligned with paganism. One of these is the support of abortion, of which the Catholic Church has been the strongest voice in opposition to the practice.

A Catholic Church in Pennsylvania was recently vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti that read “You do not have the right to decide how others lives” according to reports:

As the abortion battle rages on across the United States, a church in Delaware County was targeted by vandals who tagged it with abortion rights graffiti and more Sunday. Heading into church for Sunday mass, parishioners at Notre Dame de Lourdes parish in Swarthmore were met with black spray paint that said, “You do not have the right to decide how others lives.”

“It was very shocking to come up to the church and see that,” Jessica Prince told CBS3. “I’d have to say the first half of mass was me crying the whole time because I was so upset somebody would do that to the church.”

The side of the church building was also hit again with the message “#ProChoice.”

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia confirmed police are on the case.

“If people wanted to come and stand outside our church and protest our beliefs, go for it,” Prince said, “but vandalizing a property, I think, is taking it way too far.”

Meanwhile, the debate over abortion rights has recently reached a boiling point with demonstrations Sunday in Alabama following tough legislation passed over the weekend severely restricting abortions.

And then there is Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims, a Democrat, taking aim at those praying and demonstrating outside a Center City Planned Parenthood.

The bullying drew sharp condemnation from Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Sims issued an apology for being aggressive Saturday.

On Sunday night, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Archdiocese responded to CBS3’s request for comment, writing, “The school principal was able to bring up video from the security cameras of the vandalism in progress. It will be shared with the Ridley Police Department’ detectives and the parish will cooperate with law enforcement as it investigates the incident. This afternoon, parishioners successfully removed the graffiti.” (source, source)

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