American Man Threatens To Behead Driver With A Knife, When The Police Come He Says ‘I Will Cut Out And Eat Your Eyeballs And Tongues’

An American man was arrested after he pulled out a knife and threatened to behead another driver during a parking dispute. When police arrived, the man threatened to behead the other officers and then to cut out their eyeballs and tongues and eat them according to a report:

A Titusville man threatened six Melbourne police officers during a parking-lot dispute, saying several times that he would “cut officers’ heads off and eat their eyes and tongues,” an arrest affidavit states.

Ken Freeman, 50, remains incarcerated on $18,500 bond at the Brevard County Jail Complex after the Thursday incident, which occurred outside Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Melbourne Square mall.

He faces six counts of threatening death or serious bodily harm to a law enforcement officer, one count of felony assault, and one count of battery.

The incident began after Freeman and another man made obscene hand gestures at each other while driving west on New Haven Avenue, the affidavit states. Freeman followed the motorist into the mall parking lot.

That’s when Freeman exited his vehicle with a large silver and black knife, struck the man in the shoulder with his fist, held the blade against his right ear, and said, “I’ll cut your (expletive) head off in front of your family!” the affidavit states.

Melbourne police responded to the scene, where they said Freeman threatened to behead them and eat their eyes and tongues.

Freeman will be arraigned June 13 at the Moore Justice Center in Viera. (source, source)

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